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How to Insert & Add Bullet Points in a Google Sheets Cell



Google Sheets enable us to organize data into worksheets and create a more appealing and clean presentation for school or work. You can add information to each spreadsheet cell and arrange them in any way you want.

But, there are situations when you have to add bullet points for emphasis or enumeration. Bullet points help you list and classify data according to where they belong. Now, you can add several bullet points right inside your Google Sheets cell.


Let’s check out the different ways on how to do this on a Mac, Linux or Chromebook computer as well as on Windows PC.

How to Insert & Add Bullet Points Inside your Google Sheets Cells

There are three methods you can do to insert bullet points in your Google Sheets cell. You can customize the number format, copy/paste the bullets, or enter a formula.

Method #1 – Customize Number Formatting on Google Sheets

  • First, you will need to enter a bullet point on a notepad or Word document and copy it. You will need to paste it later when you customize the number format.
  • Next, identify the cells where you want to insert bullet points and highlight them.
  • On the menu bar, select Format.
  • Go to Number.
  • Choose Custom Number Format.
  • Now, paste the bullet point on the box under Custom number formats. Type @ next to the bullet point so that Google Sheets will copy it as it is.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • The bullet points will appear on your selected cells.

Method #2 – Copy and Paste the Bullet Points on your Google Sheets Cell

  • If you want the freedom to add the bullet points anywhere as you work on your Google Sheets, you can copy and paste them.
  • Highlight the cell where you want to insert a bullet point.
  • Enter a bullet point on a different document and copy it.
  • Now, paste it on the highlighted cell.
  • While it works the same with the method above, it takes more time if you need to add bullet points to more cells.

Method #3 – Create a CHAR Formula on your Google Sheets

The formula you need to use when adding bullet points is CHAR(8226). Enter the CHAR formula on an empty cell on Google Sheets to insert a bullet point on your worksheet.

That’s it! You have several options for how you want to add a bullet point into your Google Sheet Cells. Which method works best for you? We would love to know your story, so please write a comment for us below.


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