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LastPass Restricts Free Plan to 1 Device Limit: What You Need to Know



New changes are coming to LastPass starting March 16, 2021. As LastPass continues to provide its services to millions of users worldwide, the password manager tool is changing its terms for the free plan users. Now, there will only be a one device limit for Free users.

How Does the LastPass One Device Limit for Free Accounts Work?

LastPass clarifies that there are two device types: Computers and Mobile Devices. The 1-device limit will only allow you to access LastPass on one device type, either Computers or Mobile Devices.

For instance, if you set Computers as your device type, you can access LastPass to any computers, including laptops and desktops. It can be your computer or anybody else. However, you cannot access LastPass on any mobile device such as your phone or tablet.

On the other hand, if you set Mobile Devices as your device type, you can use LastPass on any phone, tablet, or smartwatch. It can be yours or anybody else. But, you cannot use LastPass on any computers like laptops and desktops.

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

How Will I Set the Active Device Type to Use for LastPass?

Starting on March 16, 2021, the first device you first log in to your LastPass will become your active device type. However, you can also change your active device type but up to 3 times only. That gives you the chance to check what device you will use best for your LastPass account.

Who Are Affected By The LastPass Changes?

Those who are using the Free plan will be affected by the changes. The 1-device limit applies only to the Free account users and not to customers under the LastPass Premium or Families. If you want to access your LastPass passwords to all devices, you need to upgrade your current plan to a paid one.

To upgrade to a premium Lastpass plan, go to https://www.lastpass.com/. Log in to your account and select either Premium or Families Plan.

LastPass Families Premium Password Manager Plan (Credit: LastPass)

Will My Passwords and Other Data Be Affected by the Changes?

Fortunately, you will not lose any password or data stored in your Vault. If you have usernames and passwords data from your mobile device and you use Computers as an active device, it will remain in your Vault. It will automatically sync after the changes.

Are There Other Changes on LastPass?

On top of these changes, come May 17, 2021, only LastPass Families and Premium will receive email support. For LastPass Free users, you can access support from the Support Center.

What are your thoughts regarding the changes on LastPass? Are you switching to another free password manager tool soon? We are curious to know what you think. You can write us a comment below.


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