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How to Rotate or Make Text Vertical in Google Sheets



Google Sheets is an excellent tool for organizing data. There are times when you have a lot of data, and it becomes difficult to point them out or read in your worksheet. One solution is to format the cell that will make it distinct and easy on the eyes.

For some people, rotating or flipping the texts will help them organize their spreadsheet data cells better. Google Sheets has formatting tools that will help you create vertical text or change it to the direction you want. Text rotation option available are tilt up, tilt down, stack vertically, rotate up or rotate down. You can also set the degree angle to your liking.


Check out the methods below on how to do it.

How to Change the Direction of Text in Google Sheets Using the Toolbar

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Google Sheets Toolbar has a text rotation button that will let you rotate the text to whatever angle you want. You can rotate it diagonally or vertically.

  • Launch your Google Sheets.
  • Click the text or cell that you want to rotate.
  • Go to the Toolbar section on the top of the screen.
  • Click the Text Rotation icon. It is a big letter A with an arrow below.
  • Now, select the way of rotation that you want for your text.

Rotating Text to Make it Vertical in Google Sheets Using the Format Tab

Credit: Windows Dispatch

Another way is to go to the Format tab on your Google Sheets window. Here you will find the text rotation option.

  • First, click the cell or text that you want to rotate.
  • On the Menu bar, click Format.
  • Scroll down and go to Text Rotation.
  • Select the rotation you want for your text.

There are different options for how your text will rotate.

  • None – It is the default in every cell. The text appears horizontally, like any other text.
  • Tilt up – Your text will tilt diagonally with the letters ascending from the left.
  • Tilt down – Your text will tilt diagonally with the letters descending from the left.
  • Stack vertically – Each letter will stack on top of each other coming from the top.
  • Rotate up – Your text will appear vertically in a straight line with the first letters at the bottom.
  • Rotate down – Your text will appear vertically in a straight line with the first letters at the top.

You can choose how you like your text to appear depending on what you want your Google Sheets to look like. Did the article help you? Let us know in the comments below.


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