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How to Move or Transfer & Import Google Photos to a USB Flash Drive



You’ll be happy to know that the process is simple if you’ve intended to find out how to import Google Photos onto a USB flash drive. You must carefully carry out a few actions and be done in no time.

Parents typically have hundreds or even thousands of photos of their kids as they grow up, including shots of their babies’ first steps, their first time saying Mom or Dad, their first tooth, etc.

We always have cherished photos with us. Every time we see them, they provide us help in reliving the past. Imagine all the hundreds of priceless photos lost when your phone was stolen on the bus as you were leaving work or when the photos were accidentally erased from your phone for an unclear reason. The effort is all over!

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Your chances of losing your images are greatly diminished but not eliminated by Google Photos. What occurs if you lose access to your Google Drive account? You might wish to keep a backup of your cloud pictures on a hard drive safely stored somewhere to limit further the chance of losing them.

If you lose your phone, you still have your Google Photos account as a backup; if it goes belly-up, you can still rely on the data stored on your external hard drive.

Moving & Importing your Google Photos to a USB Stick or Flash Drive for Safe-keeping

Despite its seeming complexity, downloading all of your images from Google Photos to a USB stick device is a breeze. Please read the instructions below to learn how to transfer and move all your pictures to a USB flash drive physical device from Google Photos.

Step 1: 

You first need to access your images online and check into your account if you aren’t already. Visit Google Photos in a browser. You should be able to access your pictures after logging in. Click on the thumbnail to see any of these images in full resolution. To save the image to your computer, select “Download” from the menu that appears after clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the photo. The picture will be downloaded to your Download folder, from where you can view or copy it to your hard disk.

Step 2: 

To download images in bulk, you need them in an album. Select Albums from the main Photos menu. Go directly to step seven if you already have your pictures organized in albums. If not, make a new album and transfer the photos you want to download there.

Step 3: 

Click the Create album button in the bottom center of the Albums page. On the next page that appears, enter the title of the album and click “Select Photos” at the bottom of the page. It will take you to your photo library, where you can choose the images you want to include in the album.

Step 4: 

You can individually choose the images you desire, but because all images captured on the same day are grouped, selecting the dates that appear above each image set will be quicker. Choose the dates that you want to include the photos.

Step 5: 

At the upper right corner of the page, click Done.

Final Words

Your USB flash disk should now be filled with your images from your Google Photos account. Your pictures are now portable so that you can view them on various gadgets at any time.



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