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How to Reset, Deactivate or Transfer a Tile Bluetooth Tracker



Losing things like your wallet or your car keys is frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry. That is why Bluetooth trackers are in demand these days since they are a great help in finding lost items easier and faster.

Many users prefer the Tile Bluetooth Tracker because of its simplicity of use. The device has been around for some time even before Samsung SmartTag and Apple AirTag came out. You can use different Tile trackers like the Tile Pro, Tile Slim, Tile Sticker, and Tile Mate. What makes Tile Bluetooth trackers good is its capacity to capture the Bluetooth connection of a nearby device to update the app of its location even when your phone is miles away.

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A Tile tracker uses only the Bluetooth connection of devices within its range. It means that it cannot update the app of its location if no phone running with the Tile app is nearby. However, it will connect anonymously and without compromising your privacy.

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Now, you may consider giving your Tile Bluetooth tracker to a friend, family member or someone else. It can be a gift or a donation. You may also sell it to another person for an upgrade. Whatever is your reason, it is best to factory reset or deactivate and delete your Tile Bluetooth tracker from your account to facilitate transfer to your recipient smoothly. The new owners can freshly set it up for their own use and get rid of Tile setup errors like the dreaded “Previously Activated” issue.

How to Factory Reset or Deactivate Tile Bluetooth Tracker & Transfer it to New Owner

Credit: Tile

The steps to transfer your Tile Bluetooth tracker to a friend or someone else is easy. After the transfer process, your account is no longer connected to the tracker. It is as good as factory resetting it for someone else to use without a problem.

  • First, launch the Tile app on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the homepage.
  • Select the Tile tracker that you want to reset.
  • Navigate to Actions.
  • Select Transfer Tile.
  • Type the email address of your recipient.
  • Once done, a confirmation message will appear.

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Note that the email address of your recipient must be connected to their Tile account. To do this, they need to download and install the Tile app on their mobile device and login or sign up for a new account if needed.

What is your reason for transferring your Tile Bluetooth tracker? We are curious to know! You can drop your answers below.



  1. How do you do that if you don’t have a tile setup yet because i have a new account because my old one got hacked and deleted so I got a new one. Can u help me try and reset it because when I go to the homescreen on the app on my phone it has nothing but my phone on it and it keeps saying when I try and add my tile to it that it’s already connected to another account and I cant use that account because I don’t have access to it anymore

  2. Security I understand, but…and I just asked Tile this too… what is the point of the company having your contact info if they can’t contact you to see if you meant to resell it or similar?? I tried the “Scan Me if Found” thing too, and wouldn’t you know, if someone finds it, it only notifies the former owner, doesn’t let them contact me so I know who it is, etc. FAULTY system.

  3. My abusive ex boyfriend has the account info on his phone. Um he threw his slim and 2 pros I got him with the house keys this almost seems unfair. I don’t have money to just buy more. I was going to use them for my kids stuff. But it’s on his account on his phone. He broke my nose I’m sorry my not about to go contact him for this. Shouldn’t you be helping your customers that have stories similar. This stuff isn’t cheap. I’m on fixed income. I have disabilities where yes these help me remember things b4 I go out the door. Great product but if this non reactivation (just now useless money gone) unless u swap info. Sometimes what works for some don’t work for all. Then unfortunately I’d have to say I wouldn’t repurchase ur product again (not saying I don’t need it) but some people just don’t fit in the categories you offer. I need to deactivate and reactivate my 3 tile without talk to the man who shattered my nose. There’s a restraining order in place for pointing a gun at my face. So I hope your staff can understand the fact now, not everyone can do that and not everyone can afford to just buy new ones. Thank you.


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