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How to Fix Error Code OR-GSTEH-06 or OR_FGVEM_04 with Google Play Payments



Google Play is the ultimate one-stop shop for all Android users. It’s the number one place you go to download different apps, games, and other types of digital content.

But, things can quickly get annoying if you encounter error codes on Google Play that stop you from making payments and completing transactions.

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Resolve Google Play Payment Error Code OR-GSTEH-06 or OR_FGVEM_04

If you’re seeing errors OR-GSTEH-06 or OR_FGVEM_04, it’s easy to worry and panic. Unfortunately, as of writing, there are no details as to why these codes occur or what they mean in the first place.

But in the hopes of solving things for you, here are some general troubleshooting steps you can try to address the Google Play payment issue:

Confirm Your Google Pay Settings and Billing Address

Errors often occur if there is a mismatch between your billing address and the specific address saved in your Google Play Settings. Here’s what to do:

  • Go to pay.google.com or launch the Google Pay app.
  • Verify and update the billing address to match the specific address linked with your payment method.
  • Return to Google Play Store and try performing the transaction once again.

Stabilize Your Internet Connection

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Another potential reason why you might be seeing the error OR-GSTEH-06 or OR_FGVEM_04 is because of a poor or weak network connection. If you have an unstable internet connection, there’s no way that you can proceed with your payments.

If you’re using mobile data, you can try to switch to a WiFi network. But if you’re already connected to WiFi, you can just switch to another WiFi network. 

Check the Bank Servers

Go to the website or app for your bank and try making a transaction to confirm if their servers are up and running or not. Your payments won’t go through if the bank servers are not responding at all.

Review Your Bank Account Balance

If you’re seeing error codes with your Google Play payments, make sure you check if there is still enough balance in the bank account that you want to use to make the purchase. If your balance amount is already running low, errors may occur.

Clear Google Play App Cache

A corrupted cache may also result in some error messages.

While these cache files are used to improve your overall app experience, there are times when they are rendered unusable. As a result, the bad cache might lead to different issues.

Disable VPN Service

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VPN apps let you use a location different from your current one. Although this is handy in some instances, it may also result in issues with most payment processes, including the payment system for Google Play. The easiest way to fix it is to disable your VPN service.

You may also choose to switch to a different VPN service. Here are some of the premium VPN services you can try:

Use a Different Credit Card or Payment Method on Google Play

The errors are also sometimes specific to the credit card or payment method you’re using. You can try to use a different one to finish the transaction.

While there are no details regarding OR-GSTEH-06 or OR_FGVEM_04 with Google Play Payments, the general troubleshooting methods above might be able to help you address the issue in no time.



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