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How to Fix Epson Scanner Error Code 100017, 100069, 10077 or 100016



An Epson scanner simplifies most document- and image-related tasks. However, many users find themselves bothered every time they encounter the error codes 100017, 100069, 10077, or 100016.

Of course, these issues on Epson can get quite frustrating, even more so if you’re in a rush to scan something. This article explores some of the things you can do to try to fix these errors with Epson scanner.

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Methods to Resolve Epson Scanner Error Code 100017, 100069, 10077 or 100016

You can easily troubleshoot the error code 100017, 100069, 10077 or 100016 on your Epson scanner by following the fixes below.

Inspect your Epson Scanner for Hardware Issues

  • See to it that you check for other hardware issues on your Epson scanner.
  • See to it that your printer and scanner are properly connected without visible obstructions or damage to the scanner glass.
  • Make sure that the scanner light works correctly as well. 

Check Inside Your Epson Scanner

  • Use a #3 Phillips screwdriver to remove the left screw, which is the only screw you will be dealing with in this process. You will see several FFC cables inside.
  • Play around with these cables using your finger. The cables are loose if you can effortlessly pull them out. If this is the case, reattaching the ribbon is necessary.
  • Take off the second screw located on the hinge of the scanner.
  • Now that you’ve removed the two screws, check the printer’s bottom and find the two tabs. Push these in and lift off the printer. The brown slot you see there is where the cable must go.
  • Grab a double-sided tape, put it on the FFC cable, and then glue the printer and cable together.
  • Open and close the printer several times to ensure that the cable has the right length.
  • Focus on the hinge’s screw as you put back the cover. Simply align the hinge’s two holes and let everything fall into place.
  • Install the screw and blue piece again and hope that it fixes the error.

Assess the Epson Scanner Settings

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Many error codes on your Epson scanner can be easily fixed through the scanner settings. Ensure that you have set your scanner to the correct scanning mode, whether it’s black and white, grayscale, or color.

The resolution must also be suitable for the image or document you need to scan. While you’re at it, evaluate the scanning area and see to it that it matches the size of the image or document.

Reset your Epson Scanner to Default Settings

If your Epson scanner continues to encounter error codes 100017, 100069, 10077, or 100016, you can also try to reset the unit to its default settings.

To do this, simply press the printer’s reset button or use its control panel. You can also try to reinstall the scanner software or use another scanning app to check if this fixes the problem.

If you’re still facing errors on your Epson scanner, other steps you can take are to restart the printer, check the connection between your computer and printer, or reset the network settings of your printer. You can also update the printer firmware or seek further assistance from Epson support.

Your Epson scanner can make your life easier and faster but error codes 100017, 100069, 10077, or 100016 can ruin the experience. Try the steps above and see if they fix the issue.



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