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How to Update Device Software or Firmware on Audio-Technica Headphones



Take your music passion up a notch with excellent premium quality on-ear or over-ear headphones from Audio-Technica. It has become one of the world’s leading providers of the most reliable professional audio equipment and proven to supply some of the best audio-performing headphones. With a noise-canceling mechanism, sleek designs, durable build, and high-quality sound, Audio-Technica earphones will give you the best class experience in audio.

Whether you are using your headset to play music and listen to your favorite songs and podcast, watch and stream movies and TV shows, take calls, or play games, Audio-Technica headphones are reliable and excellent in performance. You can choose from over-ear Bluetooth headphones, in-ear headphones, or true wireless earbuds with active noise-canceling features. 

But, in order to maximize the overall efficiency and latest features of your audio device, it is always recommended to update the software or firmware of your Audio-Technica headphones and earbuds to the most recent version.

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What to Do Before Updating the Device Software on your Audio-Technica Wireless/Bluetooth Headphone

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It takes several steps to perform and initiate a firmware upgrade installation on your Audio-Technica wireless headphones. But, it will be worth your time when you experience better playback performance after installing the new software. Note that it can take up to 90 minutes to install the update via your iOS device and up to 30 minutes when using your Android device.

Before you start manually or automatically installing the new firmware version for your Audio-Technica headphone, take note of the following tips and best practices to keep in mind:

  • Bring your Audio-Technica headphone to a full charge before you begin the upgrading process. 
  • Update the Audio-Technica Connect app on your phone. You can check for available updates via Google Play Store or the App Store. 
  • Close any app on your mobile device when you begin to upload. It will make sure that your update progress is seamless and without any interruption. 
  • Never use or turn off your Audio-Technica headphone and the Audio-Technica Connect app during the update. 
  • Avoid turning off your Android or iOS mobile device during the update. Make sure that your device has enough battery to last the duration of the update. 
  • When you start the update process, place your Audio-Technica headphone near your Android or iOS device to avoid unstable connection. 
  • Never do the update in high-volume band wavelength areas. 

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If you need to reconnect your Bluetooth connection after losing it during the update, delete the Bluetooth history first. Charge your Audio-Technica headphone using its cable to reset it. Now, you can reconnect it with your Bluetooth.

How to Download and Install Device Software Upgrade or Firmware Updates on Audio-Technica Headphones and Earbuds

Now that you already prepared your devices for the software upgrade, you can start following the procedure below to download and install the latest firmware for your Audio-Technica earphones.

  • Open your Audio-Technica Connect app on iPhone or Android phone.
  • Tap your Audio-Technica headphones.
  • If asked to connect in BLE Mode, tap Yes.
  • If a pop-up message appears asking you to download the update, tap Yes.
  • When asked again to upgrade your headphone with the new version, tap Yes.
  • The firmware update terms and conditions will appear. You can read the message first. Then, tap Next.
  • Read the License Agreement and check the Agree box.
  • Tap Start.
  • Now, wait for the update to progress. Follow instructions that will pop up, such as restarting your headphones.
  • Your Audio-Technica headphone will restart, and a pop-up message will appear.
  • Connect your Audio Technica headset to your computer or USB power block using the included cable.
  • Once the indicator lamp turns red, disconnect your USB cable.
  • Wait for the update progress to complete. 
  • Once you receive the message that the update is complete, restart your Audio-Technica headphone using the power switch.
  • After the restart, your Audio-Technica earphone will connect to your Android or iOS device.
  • Launch your Audio-Technica Connect app.
  • Tap your headphone.
  • Navigate to Product Information.
  • Now, check if your Audio-Technica audio device is using the new software and most recent firmware version.

That’s it! Now, you can enjoy a better audio experience and quality music streaming opportunities with your newly upgraded Audio-Technica headphone. How was your experience with the new updated device software version on your Audio-Technica headphones or earbuds? We value your opinion. You can let us know in the comment section below.

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