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How to Find Beats Headphones or Earphones Serial Number



Many users need help in finding the serial number on their Beats Studio, Powerbeats Pro, or any other Beats headphones and earphones. Having your serial number at hand can help you check the warranty of your device or verify if the Beats you bought is authentic and not some graded imitation.

You will also need the serial number to register your device with Apple so you can update the firmware on your Beats headphone using the updater. When contacting the support center, you will also be asked for the serial number of your device.

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Credits: Apple

Check and Find your Beats Headphones or Earphones Serial Number

Check the Serial Number on the Packaging Box

The serial number for your Beats gizmo is indicated on the box that came with it when you purchased the product. You can find it near the barcode on the original packaging of your device.

Whenever you still have the printed or digital receipt or invoice for your purchase, the serial number can also be found in it.

Get the Serial Number on the Headphones

The serial number of your Beats product can also be found on the label printed on the device itself. Here’s how to look for it on different Beats headphones and earphones.

Beats Headphones

Credit: Apple

Solo Pro
Expand your headband and look at the slider above the left earcup.

Other Beats headphones
Expand your headband and look at the slider above the right earcup.

Beats EP (after July 2017)
Check the attached cable.

Beats EP (before July 2017)
Check the attached cable near the left earcup.

Beats Earphones

Credit: Apple

Beats Flex
Check the right control module.

Powerbeats Pro
Check the inside of the case.

Powerbeats3 Wireless
Check the cable between the left and right earbuds.

Check the power module near the right earbud.

urBeats, Tour, and Powerbeats2
Check the cable near the right earbud.

Find your Beats Serial Number using an iOS or Android Device

Credit: Apple

If you can’t find the serial number of your Beats product through physical labels, you can use your iPhone or Android device to get it. Make sure your headphone is connected to your iOS or Android mobile phone. Your phone must be paired with the Beats app for Android.


  • Open the Beats app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Look for the “Under the hood: Serial number” section.


If you are using an iPhone or iPad to connect to your Beats device, just go to Settings > General > About > [name of your Beats product] > Serial Number.

Use a Mac Computer to Find your Beats Serial Number

  • Connect your Beats headphones to your iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air using a USB cable.
  • Click on the “Apple” menu on the upper left side of your screen and select “About this Mac.”
  • Click on the “System Report” button and find the USB section on the resulting screen.
  • Check to see the full details of your Beats headphones along with the serial number.

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That’s it! Were you able to find the serial number of your Beats Studio or other Beats headphones or earphones? Which of the four methods above worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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