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The Real Benefits of Wi-Fi 6: Everything You Need to Know



Using a fast WiFi is important no matter what you do. Whether it is a private browsing or a business matter, a fast WiFi can keep things running smoothly.

WiFi 6 Router

Now, a new name in wireless computing is making headlines, Wi-Fi 6 or the 6th Wifi Generation. It offers faster Internet speed and other improvements compared to the current generation WiFi 5. If you want to know more about WiFi 6, let’s discuss it below.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

There are different generations of WiFi. WiFi 6 is the newest version. It is a more upgraded generation of WiFi as it offers more benefits compared to its predecessor. WiFi 6 is based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard.

WiFi 6

How Will It Affect Me?

Seeing that technology continues to move forward, so does your choices and buying decisions. Understanding the upgrades and enhancements of WiFi technology will allow you to make better choices when it comes to devices and software upgrades.

As WiFi 6 will make its way towards the general public, any future purchases must take into consideration its compatibility and support to the new WiFi generation. Otherwise, you will only get stuck with the old technology and soon find yourself limiting your device capacities.

Benefits and Advantages of the 6th Wifi Generation

Credit: Hughes Systique Corporation

Benefit 1 – Increased Battery Life

If you are frustrated every time you reached battery low, WiFi 6 offers a better solution. WiFi 6 has a new feature called target wake time or TWT, which allows the WiFi access points to tell your device when to turn the WiFi radio on and off. If you device is often on sleep mode, it will help conserve your battery life.

Benefit 2 – Better Data Transfer Speed

As new generation of WiFi is introduced, so does the increase in its speed capacity. WiFi 6 theoretically offers a speed of 10Gbps, combining 2.4GHx and 5GHz spectrum bands. The new WiFi uses the MU-MIMO technology for data transfers, both uplink and downlink.

MU-MIMO means Multi-user, Multiple Input, Multiple Output, enables your router to connect to multiple devices at one time. WiFi 6 uses MU-MIMO to connect to more devices than WiFi 5.

But, while you may not really reach that kind of speed often, the idea that you can split it in a network of connected devices gives you leverage to connection speed for every device. So, when you use WiFi 6, you will experience 40% faster data transfer compared to its previous generation.

Benefit 3 – Better Performance in Crowded Settings

There is always a competition for the signal when in highly congested areas. WiFi 6 utilizes the OFDMA, or the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access, which divides a wireless channel into sub-channels to be able to carry data to different devices, allowing a single access point to simultaneously communicate to different devices.

WiFi 6 also offers improved beamforming, which allows better focus of signal in the direction of connected devices. It optimizes strong signals so that it concentrates more towards the connected devices and not scattering in all directions.

Benefit 4 – Better Connection Means More Devices

Adding more devices to your network can slow down the connection and will only reduce business efficiency. WiFi 6 offers a solution to this issue and expand connection of devices on a single network.

On the average, WiFi 5 can connect around five devices. WiFi 6 can connect to up to 9 devices. Routers can simultaneously communicate to more devices and send data within the same broadcast. This offers a leverage to businesses with more devices connecting to the WiFi router.

What You’ll Need to Support Wi-Fi 6

What are the Real Benefits of Wi-Fi 6 - Everything You Need to Know

If you want to get onboard and use WiFi 6, you will need to upgrade your devices as well. Your routers and other equipments must be WiFi 6 certified or can support the new WiFi generation.

But, keep in mind that such upgrades will also come out to new devices. If you are planning to purchase a new phone or laptop in a few years, you will see that it is WiFi 6 ready. All you have to do is buy a WiFi 6 Router.

Be On Top of Everything!

WiFi 6 offers excellent benefits that will increase your network capacities and give your business and work better productivity. With improved efficiency, you can definitely reach your goals and achieve more.

What do you think of WiFi 6? Will you integrate it with your business now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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