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How to Fix WiFi Login or Sign-In Page Not Loading or Showing up on Android, Mac or PC



WiFi login pages are fairly common if you’re someone who travels a lot. They’re the landing page you arrive on whenever you connect to public Wi-Fi spaces. If you’re at the airport, at a local Starbucks, or even at a shopping mall, you’ll often find yourself on a WiFi log in page when you try to use the WiFi.

Without the WiFi login page, you wouldn’t be able to use the public WiFi. So, what happens when the WiFi login page isn’t working?

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It’s surprisingly frequent, when you connect to a public WiFi network, and the connection simply doesn’t work. Try as you might, you can’t the WiFi page just won’t show up, and it can be frustrating to deal with when you’re outside and trying to get things done.

That’s why we’re here to help, so read on to find out more on how to fix the WiFi issue.

Ways to Troubleshoot WiFi Login Page Not Loading or Showing up on Android, Mac or PC

If you’re trying to get a WiFi log in page to appear to no avail, worry not. There are ways to force the page to appear, regardless of what device you’re using.

It just takes a fair amount of technical knowledge, which we’re happy to help out with. We’ve compiled a simple list of ways to force the page to appear, or to just bypass it completely. So, if you’re ready, let’s get right into it.

Clear Your Browser Data

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  • On PC and Mac, clearing your browser information can often help with this issue.
  • Go to your browser settings menu.
  • Find the Privacy and Security section.
  • Click on Clear browsing data.
  • Make sure it’s clearing your browsing history, cookies and cache.
  • Set the range as All time.
  • Click Clear data.
  • Try to access the WiFi login page again.

Change Your DNS Settings

  • Generally, using a third-party DNS server can lead to issues with accessing public WiFi.
  • To fix this, go to your device’s Settings menu.
  • Search for the Wireless connectivity section.
  • Search and click on DNS settings.
  • Remove any third-party DNS servers.
  • Turn your WiFi off and on again.
  • Try to access the WiFi login page again.

Use a VPN Server

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  • If you’re looking to completely bypass the need for the login menu, you can use a VPN.
  • With a VPN, all you need to do is connect to it on your device.
  • From there, attempt to connect to the public WiFi network.
  • Things should work, even without the WiFi login page appearing.

Here are some of the free VPN services that you can use.

If you’ve followed these steps accordingly, then you should find yourself using public WiFi without issue once more.

We hope we managed to help you solve your issues with the WiFi login page, and for more guides and fixes like this, stay tuned.



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