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10 Best Ways to Help Improve your Google Meet Video Meeting Experience



Are you using Google Meet to hang out with your friends and family online? If you do, there are different ways to upgrade your experience and make it more remarkable. You can even try these methods to enhance your video conferences when meeting with clients, coworkers, or classmates.

Note that some of these tips and tricks will require you to prepare before your actual video conference calls. Google Meet has several features and tools that you can use at any time.

Top 10 Methods to Help you Upgrade your Google Meet Video Meeting Experience

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Google Meet has become one of the most reliable videoconference tools for students and workers alike. With more people opting for remote communication, it is a big advantage to utilize various online meeting platforms and collaboration tools.

Let’s check out below how you can ramp up and improve your Google Meet video conferencing experience now.

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Method #1 – Prepare yourself and your Background

Have a look at the mirror and check how you present yourself before the meeting starts. You can also add more lighting to your room and organize the things in your background if you don’t plan to add a virtual one.

Make sure you have a good distance between your seat and the camera. You can position the camera that will put you in the center.

Method #2 – Perform a Camera and Mic Check A Few Minutes Before your Google Meet Video Meeting

It helps to be early before your video meeting starts, so you have the time to check how you look on camera and how your voice sounds. Fortunately, Google Meet makes it easy for you to do a camera and mic check.

When you open your Google Meet, you will see a preview of your video. From there, you can select the option to check your audio and video and record how you look and sound before you enter a call. That way, you can make the necessary changes.

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Method #3 – Use a Different Layout for your Meetings

Google Meet has several layout options when you start your meeting. These layouts will show how you see your participants and contents. You can use Tiled to show up to 16 people on the screen. The Spotlight layout will only show the current or active participant.

If you want to highlight the active participant while seeing others, you can enable the Sidebar layout. But, if you cannot decide at all, choose Auto to allow Google Meet to select it for you.

Method #4 – Record your Google Meet Video Calls

Recording your Google Meet conferences will give you a video file to look back and review when you have to. When you record your meeting, it will go to the host’s Google Drive and generate a link that you can disseminate to all the participants.

To start the recording process, click the three-dotted icon during the meeting. Select Record Meeting. Click Stop Recording if you want to end it.

Method #5 – Make Use of Shortcuts

Do you want a faster way to navigate through your Google Meet video calls? You can use keyboard shortcuts on different actions. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them prior to your actual meeting.

  • To mute or unmute your microphone, press Ctrl/Command + D.
  • To turn the camera on or off, press Ctrl/Command + E.
  • To show or hide participants, press Ctrl + Command + P for Mac or Ctrl + Alt + P for Windows.
  • To minimize or expand your video, press Ctrl + Command + M for Mac or Ctrl + Alt + M for Windows.
  • To show or hide the meeting chat window, press Ctrl + Command + C for Mac or Ctrl + Alt + C for Windows.

Method #6 – Turn On Live Captions

Live captions will make it easier for you to understand what your participants are saying, especially if they have different accents. You can turn on the Live Captions by clicking the Turn on Live Captions button at the bottom of the screen.

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Method #7 – Share your Screen with your Participants

Are you trying to present something to all your participants? To make them understand what you want to say, you can share your screen for them to see your visual presentations.

To share your screen during a Google Meet video conference, click the three-dotted icon. Choose Share Screen. Select Start Sharing again to confirm. Click Start Now. Your participants will be able to view what is on the screen of your device. To stop sharing, click Stop Sharing.

Method #8 – Make Use of Breakout Rooms

If you have 16 participants, and you want everyone to have a place to speak their minds in a short period, you can use the Breakout room. It separates your participants into different rooms, depending on how you set it. That way, each room will have a small group that will enable each participant to take a turn in speaking.

  • During the meeting, click the Activities button.
  • Select Breakout rooms. 
  • Set the number of rooms you want to create and add the names of the participants to each room.
  • To start the breakout rooms, click Open rooms.

Method #9 – Change your Google Meet Background

Credit: Google

Finding a presentable place to host your video meeting is not always a walk in the park for some users. If there is not a good space to join a call in your place of work or at home, you can always change your background using virtual ones.

After clicking Join a Meeting, you will see the preview of your camera. Click the Change background button and select what you like at the moment. You can also blur it out if you are in a hurry.

If you are in a meeting, click the three-dotted icon and select Change Background. You can customize it depending on your mood or what type of call you are in at the moment. 

Method #10 – Cast your Google Meet Call on a Different Device

Being in front of your computer is not always the best option for many users. Sometimes, they prefer to walk around, change their work setting, or switch to a mobile device. Fortunately, you can cast or mirror your Google Meet meetings on other displays.

Click the three-dotted icon and select Cast this meeting. You can choose the display device available at home or in your office.

Do you have other ideas and best practices that will help improve a Google Meet video call with your company’s team or class teacher? We would love to know your thoughts! You can drop them in the comment section below.

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