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How to Fix “Not Eligible for Premium Duo” Error on Spotify



Millions of users are using Spotify for their music streaming with thousands of songs available in any genre. Spotify continues to innovate, and now with its Premium Duo plan, there is more installed for couples.

Spotify’s Premium Duo is available for partners, who may share the same love for music but has different tastebuds for songs. If one likes listening to contemporary music, it may not jive well with the oldies of the other. So, how to solve this problem? Spotify will allow two users in one account.

Users under a Premium Duo account will have two separate Premium account in one plan for only $12.99 per month. It allows each user under the same account to listen to their music either together or separately.

But, some users who also want to join the wagon cannot do so with an error blocking their way. Users report the “Not Eligible for Premium Duo” error message on their Spotify when they try to convert their accounts to Premium Duo.

Why Do I Receive the “Not Eligible for Premium Duo” Error on Spotify?

Credit: Spotify

There are different reasons why the error message is blocking your path from the Spotify Premium Duo Plan.

  • You subscribed to a Premium Family plan – This Spotify plan allows access of up to 6 people in one household.
  • You subscribed to a Student Premium plan – The Student plan is more affordable compared to regular Spotify plans.
  • You subscribed to Spotify Premium + Hulu account – It includes a Hulu plan with the Spotify account.
  • It is not available in your country or region – The Premium Duo plan is only available in selected countries.

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To fix the problem, continue to read the solution below.

Fixing “Not Eligible for Premium Duo” Error on Spotify

Credit: Windows Dispatch

First, you have to make sure that you are not subscribed to any plan mentioned above. Otherwise, you have to cancel your previous accounts and switch to a regular Spotify plan. Once you have done the switch, you can subscribe to the Premium Duo.

By doing this, the “Not Eligible for Premium Duo” error shouldn’t bother you again.

What do you think of Spotify Premium Duo? Is it worth the switch? Tell us in the comments below.


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