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How to Create New Calendar Events from the Taskbar in Windows 10



Organizing your events is convenient thanks to the Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10. These programs are pre-installed with your OS and helps you organize your schedule. You can also receive updates from the Microsoft Store for the programs’ enhancements. By design, the Mail and Calendar apps are accessed in the Start menu.

Using these apps will give you the tools to better communicate with people and stay up to date with all your events and appointments. These are useful for work and home and you can even invite others to your events.

Accessing your event schedule will need you to launch your Calendar app from the Start menu. While it is as easy as that, it still requires opening another app to add on your screen. For some people, it takes time to load the app.

Now, there is a simpler way to organize your calendar without opening the app. If you want to add an event, try using your Calendar straight from the taskbar. In just a few steps, you can add your event and schedules without opening the actual Calendar app.

Read the steps below to know how to add a new event via your taskbar.

Steps on How You Can Add a New Event Through Your Taskbar


Step 1 – Go to the lower right corner of your taskbar and locate the time and date button. Click to open.
Step 2 – Choose the date of the new event you want to schedule in your calendar.
Step 3 – Next, click the Show Agenda option at the bottom right. It will show more option to customize your event schedule.
Step 4 – Look for the Today section and type the name of the event or the reminder message you want in the text box.
Step 5 – On the right, click on the drop-down menu to select your date and time. You may also choose which calendar to add the event to if in case you have more than one managed calendars.
Step 6 – Add the start and end time of the event.
Step 7 – If you want to add a location, type it under the Add a location text box.
Step 8 – There are more options that you can add to your schedule to further specify or customize your event. Click More details if you have more information to add.
Step 9 – If not, click the Save button to add your event to your calendar.


Setting a new event from the convenience of your taskbar is a lot easier for users especially when you are in a hurry. No longer will you have to open your calendar app but a few steps from your taskbar will set your events in place. How does the process work for you? Is it easier to add a new event via the taskbar? Let us know in the comments below.



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