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How to Turn Off Linked Duplicates in Windows 10 Photos App



Windows 10 includes the Photos app that allows you to view and edit your photos and videos. It comes with various features so you can add filters, adjust the lighting, and improve your pictures.

The Photos app is integrated in the Windows 10 by default and replaces the Windows Photo Viewer and Photo Gallery.

If you are using the Photos app, you love to experiment with its various features that will add more enhancements to your photos and videos.

You may have also come across a feature called Linked Duplicates. This enables users to see duplicate files in a single file only. The drawback to this feature is the hidden duplicates stored in other locations that are taking up space and may not be useful at all.

Still, Linked Duplicates are turned on and off when using Photos app so if you do not like this kind of feature, you can easily turn it off.

How to Disable Linked Duplicates in Windows 10 Photos App

  • To start, open the Photos app by launching it from the Start button or searching for it using the Windows key.
  • On the upper right corner, click the Ellipsis icon. A drop-down menu will appear, click Settings.
  • Look for Viewing and editing. Under it, look for Linked duplicates.
  • Now, toggle the option to off if you want to disable the Linked Duplicates. You can always toggle it back to on if you want to enable it again.

Turning the Linked Duplicate features will help you save some storage space on your computer and use it for other important documents. You can also look for these duplicates and delete them.

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