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Disable or Remove Workspaces in the New Opera Browser



If you are using the latest version of Opera web browser, you will notice a new feature called Workspaces. It allows users to organize their tab groups to create a simple and cleaner browser. You can easily manage your tabs in separate groups.

Starting with Opera 67, users can create up to 5 Workspaces. They can customize the name and set icons on each workspaces to distinguish them from others. These workspaces are available on the left sidebar of the browser while the icons are on the top of the sidebar.

But, if you feel that these Workspaces are not relevant for your browser use and only takes up space or adds distraction, you can easily disable or remove the Workspaces Feature in Opera browser. Check out the methods below on how to do it.

Solution 1 – Disable Opera Workspaces via Sidebar Setup Panel

  • Launch the Setup Panel of your Sidebar by clicking the 3 dots or the menu button at the bottom.
  • Look for Workspaces and toggle it to OFF. It will automatically disable the workspaces.

Solution 2 – Disable Workspaces via Opera Settings

  • Open the Opera Settings. You can also press Alt+P.
  • Click Advanced
  • Go to User Interface.
  • Under the Enable workspaces, change the option to Off.

Solution 3 – Disable Workspaces via Opera Flags

Take note that this solution will permanently disable or remove the workspaces feature from your Opera browser.

  • Open the Opera browser.
  • On the address bar, type opera://flags and press Enter.
  • Inside the text box named Search flags, type workspaces.
  • Beside the Workspaces result, click the drop down arrow and choose Disabled.
  • Click Relaunch now to save the changes and restart your Opera browser.

It is Easy!

Disabling or removing the Workspaces feature in your Opera browser is easy with the simple steps in the methods above. It is up to you if you want to disable it or not but you can also enable it anytime.

What do you think of the workspaces feature in Opera? Are you using it? Let us know in the comments below.


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