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How to Turn On or Off Facial Recognition in Google Photos



Google Photos offers a cool feature that will automatically recognize your face from the photos you upload. The Facial Recognition feature will make you feel like Google knows your face even when you appear on different images. When you search your name on Google, pictures with your face identified by this functionality will appear.


What is Facial Recognition in Google Photos?

Facial Recognition is a new feature in Google Photos that will pick up your faces from different images. It uses biometrics and a map facial to match details and recognize a human face. Google Photos will then tag you to the image.

The feature will organize your photos for you, assigning names to each face as it is recognized by the software. It will help you identify people and easily tag them to your photos. Your contacts on Google will then see and recognize the faces in your photos and even your face in their albums.

How to Enable or Disable the Facial Recognition Feature in Google Photos

However, not all people find it exciting. Some users feel threatened by the capacity of Google Photos to recognize them. Some users find it as a privacy issue. The Facial Recognition feature is not set on default therefore you have the option to turn it on or off anytime. If you want to turn it off, here’s how you can do it.

Google Photos Facial Recognition
  • Open Google Photos on your browser.
  • On the top left, click the menu or the three horizontal lines.
  • Select Settings.
  • Look for Group Similar Faces and click the down arrow on the right side.
  • Toggle on and off the Face Grouping, depending on your choice to turn the Facial Recognition on or off.
  • There is also an added Facial Recognition for pets. If you want to turn it on or off, toggle the button beside Show Pets With People.

That’s it! You have the option to allow Google Photos or not to recognize and tag you from the photos your on. Which do you prefer? Turning the Facial Recognition on or turning it off? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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