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How to Change your Background in Microsoft Teams Video Meetings



Ever wonder how to make your Microsoft Teams meeting more professional-looking? You can set your mind at ease as Microsoft rolls out the custom background for its video conferencing tool.

Microsoft Teams Custom Backgrounds
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Now, you can get more serious, or fun, during your group meetings by changing your backgrounds. Microsoft Teams offers 24 different backgrounds to choose from. As of now, adding your custom background is not yet officially available in the app so you can just use the backgrounds available.

Microsoft Teams is a helpful communication tool nowadays to make you more efficient at work. It enables you to host webinars for up to 250 people.

How to Customize your Background for a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Much like Zoom, you can either change your background before the start of a meeting or change it once the video started. You can even do a solo call just to change the background first. Keep in mind that you need to use a desktop version of Microsoft Teams to use a custom background.

Show Background Microsoft Teams
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  • First, launch a video chat by clicking Start or Join a Teams Video.
  • Click the Advanced Settings or the three-dot icon.
  • Click Show Background Effects.
  • Next, select from the different backgrounds available.
  • To see what the background looks like, click Preview.
  • Once you have set your mind on an image, click Apply.
  • If you simply want to blur your background without changing the image, click Blur My Background.

Other Microsoft Teams Features Rolling Out Soon

Apart from the custom backgrounds, Microsoft is still working on other features for the app. Soon, users can end a meeting for all participants using the End Meeting button. There is also the Raise Hand feature that comes in handy if you want to speak up. You can also download a participant report and watch out for the noise suppression feature.

What do you think of the custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams? Let us know in the comments below.


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