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How to Fix Apple Watch Ultra 2 or Series 9 Screen Flickering when Raising to Wake



If you’re the proud owner of the latest Apple Watch Series 9 or the highly anticipated Ultra 2, you’re probably thrilled with all the incredible features these wearables bring to your wrist. From fitness tracking to notifications, these smartwatches with the latest watchOS installed do it all. 

However, if you’ve noticed an annoying display screen is glitching or flickering issue when raising your wrist to wake your watch, you’re not alone. Many users have reported this problem across various online forums. The good news is that Apple is aware of this issue and is working on a solution. In the meantime, we’ve got some tips to help you deal with this inconvenience.

Understanding the Screen Display Problem on WatchOS

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Apple’s internal service memo acknowledges a screen flashing or flickering issue that occurs on some Apple Watch models, particularly the Series 9 and Ultra 2, when the Always On mode is enabled. If you’ve been experiencing this problem, you know how disruptive it can be. The screen brightness briefly flickers or “pulses,” which can be quite annoying and detract from the overall user experience.

While Apple has not specified the affected models in the memo, reports suggest that the issue is most prevalent on the latest Series 9 and Ultra 2 models. Users have expressed their frustration on platforms like MacRumors Forums, Reddit, and the Apple Support Community website. The issue has been observed across various watchOS versions, including the latest watchOS 10.0.2 release.

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Apple’s Response and Temporary Solutions to Workaround Apple Watch Ultra 2 or Series 9 Screen Flickering or Glitching

Apple’s official stance on this issue is that customers should not seek repair services for their affected watches. Instead, they recommend keeping your Apple Watch software up to date. This implies that Apple is actively working on a fix and plans to roll it out in a future watchOS update. 

While we don’t have confirmation if this issue is addressed in watchOS 10.1, which is expected to be released soon, we can hope for a resolution in upcoming updates.

In the meantime, if you’re tired of the screen flickering, Apple provides a temporary solution. You can disable the Always On mode by navigating to the Settings app on your watch and selecting Display & Brightness → Always On. While this isn’t a permanent fix, it can alleviate the annoyance until the issue is officially resolved.

What to Expect Moving Forward

If you’ve been experiencing the screen flickering glitch on your Apple Watch Series 9 or Ultra 2, it’s essential to stay patient and vigilant. Apple is known for its commitment to improving user experience, and it’s only a matter of time before it releases a watchOS update that addresses this problem. Keeping your watch’s software up to date is crucial, as this is likely where the solution will come from.

In the meantime, consider trying the temporary fix suggested by Apple. Disabling the Always On mode can help you avoid the screen flickering bug when raising your wrist. Remember that this is a common issue that’s affecting many users, and you’re not alone in your frustration.

Final Thoughts 

As a devoted Apple Watch user, you’ve already experienced the countless benefits these smartwatches bring to your life. Rest assured, Apple is actively working to make your experience even better by resolving the screen flickering issue. 

Until then, stay updated on watchOS releases and make use of the temporary solution to keep enjoying your Apple Watch Series 9 or Ultra 2 without the unwanted screen flickering interruptions.

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