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How to Fix Arlo Pro Camera Won’t Update or Stuck on Updating Firmware Error



It was in 2014 when Arlo joined other companies that released battery-powered security cameras. Since then, the company has been rolling out new products, proving that they remain one of the household names in the industry.

But despite the brand’s long years of experience and the continuous honing of its product lineup, Arlo still gets its share of issues now and then. In particular, some users have reported that their Arlo Pro Camera doesn’t update or just gets stuck on firmware updates.


Solutions to Resolve Arlo Pro Camera Won’t Update or Stuck on Updating Firmware Error

If you’ve been facing the Arlo firmware update issue, here are some fixes you can try:

Try a Force Update on your Arlo Pro Camera

If auto-updates are giving you a serious headache, attempting a manual firmware update or force update might be a good idea.

  • To do this, press the reset button of your camera to automatically reset it to its default settings.
  • Once the reset is completed, it will get updated to the newest available firmware online.
  • You can also try opening the device you used to connect your Arlo camera with.
  • Proceed to settings, choose the device, go to the update menu, and then install the latest firmware update.

Check Your Arlo Pro Camera’s Battery

Image credit: Arlo

You can’t attempt a firmware upgrade on your Arlo Pro Camera unless it is at 75%. It is some kind of safety feature that might cause your device to refuse to update or get stuck during an update.

See to it that your camera is more than 75% of its battery to prevent any issues. 

Restart Your Arlo Pro Camera Device

Restarting your camera may also help do the trick if the update doesn’t push through or if it refuses to update completely. Turn off your camera and turn it on again. A quick restart will ensure that your device will receive the right signals and will wipe out any errors.

Check Your Internet Connection

The strength and stability of your internet connection are most of the time the main culprit as to why devices may refuse to update or get stuck on updating the latest firmware.

An unstable internet connection will make the update process longer and worse, your Arlo Pro Camera might get stuck on its firmware update.

Be sure that you check your internet connection and its current speed. If it doesn’t work on all your devices, it just means that there is indeed an issue with your internet. If this is the case, just reboot your router to refresh the connection.

Unsync your Arlo Pro Camera from the App

Image credit: Arlo

You can also try to unsync your Arlo Pro Camera from its app connection and place it near the base station. You may also consider using a new set of batteries before you re-sync the camera with the app.

Allow the camera to continue its update while it’s close to the base station for several hours or maybe even overnight. Don’t worry because this placement of the camera is just temporary. It means you can put it back in its original spot once you’re done with the update.

If your Arlo Pro Camera won’t update or gets stuck on updating firmware, the steps above may help you fix the issue so you can continue using your security device without any issues.



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