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How to Fix BritBox App Not Working on Samsung & LG TV, Roku, Firestick etc



BritBox, operated by a partnership between the BBC and ITV plc, is a digital video subscription service that provides streaming content to customers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Read on to learn why you can’t access the BritBox streaming platform on Roku or Amazon Firestick device as well as on Samsung and LG smart TVs and know how to get it up and running again.

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Reasons for BritBox App Issues on Samsung or LG TV, Roku Player & Amazon Firestick Devices

Several issues could prevent Roku channels and streaming apps on smart TVs or Amazon Fire TV from launching as designed.

You’re not alone if you’ve experienced this problem with your BritBox app on different supported devices. Apps frequently crash immediately upon launch, with or without an error message on the screen. Here are some causes that might have triggered such issues.

  • Something went wrong during the channel’s download
  • Issues have been reported to the app’s developer
  • The channel is no longer accessible on Roku, Fire TV or Samsung/LG Smart TVs
  • Perhaps the Britbox server is offline. See if there are any server-related difficulties on the official help page
  • Using an outdated version of the streaming app could be the problem
  • Network-related issues are fairly frequent; your Internet connection may cause the error
  • The devices themselves might be the problem. Storage/memory on your phone, TV, or streaming device could be a trap

Glitches and bugs happen all the time. While some users enjoy unrestricted streaming on BritBox, others may experience significant problems.

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How to Fix BritBox App Not Working on Samsung & LG TV, Roku Device, or Amazon Firestick 

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Solution #1 – Refer to the Error Code

If the BritBox app is giving you difficulties when streaming content, take a look at the error code it is giving you.

The error message will likely tell you how to fix the problem.

Solution #2 – Restart the BritBox App

There are situations when you won’t even see an error code. The streaming app itself is unstable, won’t launch, or won’t load in a timely fashion. In that event, close the BritBox application and any other instances, then launch the web player in any supported browser.

Solution #3 – Try to Power Cycle your Network Devices

It sounds like you need to reboot your modem, router, or another electronic device. Sometimes it’s not the program malfunctioning but rather your connection to the internet.

Make sure you’re getting adequate speeds from your internet provider by performing a speed test. If you suspect a network-related issue, you might try restarting your modem/router and device.

If one or more of your Roku channels won’t play, try resetting the channel first. Resetting your Roku, double-checking your network connection, and installing the most recent firmware update may solve the issue.

Wrapping It Up

Restarting the BritBox app or your web browser may help. Determine if you are connected to the web. Problems streaming may be related to your Internet connection if you have the same ones with other apps or websites. The device has to be restarted.

When all else fails, let the battery die and the phone power down on its own. The next step is to plug it in and power it up. After then, it may or may not function. However, this troubleshooting method may help in the majority of circumstances, such as crashing, not opening, not loading, sluggish loading, buffering, and white screen error.

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