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How to Set up & Use Collaborative Zoom Notes to Edit During Video Meetings



In today’s fast-paced digital world, collaboration is key, and Zoom has just made it even easier with Zoom Notes. This new feature allows users to create and collaborate on notes before, during, and after video meetings, making it a game-changer for real-time note editing during calls and other collaborative tasks.

What is Zoom Notes?

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Zoom Notes is a new workspace within the Zoom platform that enables users to create, share, and collaborate on notes seamlessly. It’s designed to streamline the collaboration process by eliminating the need to switch between Zoom and third-party document tools.

With Zoom Notes, you can work on notes during meetings, share them with others, and even continue collaborating asynchronously outside of meetings.

Setting Up Zoom Notes on your Account

Getting started with Zoom Notes is a breeze. Follow these steps to set it up for your video editing needs:

Step 1: Update Zoom

Ensure that your Zoom application is up to date. Zoom Notes is available for all users at no additional cost, so make sure you have the latest version of Zoom installed.

Step 2: Accessing Notes

Once in a Zoom meeting, you can access Zoom Notes by clicking on the “Notes” tab in the in-meeting navigation bar. If it’s your first time using Zoom Notes, you can start a new note by selecting “New Note.” You can also access existing notes if you’ve created them before.

Step 3: Creating and Sharing Notes

During your video editing meetings, you can create a note and build an agenda to share with attendees in advance. This helps everyone stay on the same page and ensures the meeting is productive. To collaborate in real-time, open a note and share it with other meeting participants, just like you would with Zoom Whiteboard.

Step 4: Using the Editor

Zoom Notes offers a powerful editor with various formatting options. You can customize fonts and styles, use bullets, and choose colors to make your notes visually appealing. Moreover, you can insert images and links to enhance your notes. The auto-save feature ensures that your work is preserved at regular intervals.

How to Use Collaborative Zoom Notes to Edit During Video Meetings

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Now that you have set up Zoom Notes let’s explore how you can use it for collaborative editing during Zoom video calls:

Before the Meeting  

Before your video editing meeting, create a note and outline the agenda. Share it with your team members or collaborators in advance. This helps everyone come prepared and stay focused during the meeting.

During the Meeting  

During the meeting, open the note you created and share it with others. This is where the real-time collaboration magic happens. You can discuss ideas, make annotations, and keep track of important decisions, all within the Zoom platform.

After the Meeting  

Once the meeting is over, your notes don’t go to waste. You can share them with anyone needing the content discussed during the meeting. This ensures that the information is accessible to all relevant parties.

Additional Features and Tips

Here are some additional features and tips to make the most out of Zoom Notes:

  • Access Control

You can grant access to other attendees during a meeting or extend access after the meeting. Latecomers can catch up by accessing the shared notes.

  • Multitasking

Zoom Notes allows you to multitask by taking notes alongside the meeting. You can also expand and collapse the right panel to take notes on a separate screen, making it easier to manage your workflow.

  • Note Management

The Notes dashboard offers features like sorting, filtering, starring (favoriting), deleting, editing, and sharing notes directly. These functions help you keep your notes organized and easily accessible.

Zoom Notes is a valuable tool for real-time video editing collaboration, and it’s available to all Zoom users for free. Its intuitive interface and powerful editing capabilities simplify the process of creating and sharing content in and out of meetings. 

So, the next time you embark on a video editing project with your team, make Zoom Notes your go-to tool for seamless collaboration.



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