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How to Fix Can’t Download PDF Files on Android Using Firefox Browser Issue



Firefox undoubtedly checks all the boxes if you’re looking for a browser that prioritizes privacy more than anything else. But despite all the security features that Mozilla has to offer, it still needs to address and polish some rough edges.

One of these problems is the inability to download PDF files on Android using Firefox browser.

Image credit: Mozilla

The newest Firefox update got rid of the PDF view toolbar that once contained the icons to print or save PDF files. It means that users are now only able to view PDF files and they can no longer download these on Android devices locally.

Top Solutions to Troubleshoot Can’t Download PDF Files on Android Using Firefox Browser Error

If this issue is starting to get on your nerves, the good news is that the company behind Firefox, Mozilla, is aware of the problem and is actively doing its best to resolve can’t download error. They are actively taking all the necessary measures and conducting investigations to fix the Firefox browser issue.

It means that although the exact cause for this error remains unknown, users can have peace of mind knowing that the developers are doing their best to provide solutions as soon as possible.

But while you wait for this, here are some things you can try to solve the problem:

Use a Different Browser When Downloading a PDF File on Android

Mozilla recommends that affected users try to download their PDF files with a desktop device or a different browser if possible. It may be a bit of a bother but if you need to download important PDF files, this might be your next best option.

It’s also worth noting that some Firefox users on Android have reported some difficulties in locating the download option for their PDF files. If you’re experiencing the problem, you can try to copy and paste the link to a different browser and download the PDF file from there.

Update Firefox Browser to its Latest Software Version

Image credit: Mozilla

Mozilla also urges all Firefox users to keep their browser app updated to ensure that they will regularly receive all the latest security patches and bug fixes. An updated Firefox app will tend to malfunction less so don’t forget to check if you’re using the latest version. 

Use the Share Option on Firefox Browser

If you’re still having issues with downloading PDF files on your Android device using your Firefox browser, another solution that the Firefox support team suggests is to use the Share option.

  • On your Firefox browser, navigate to the Share option.
  • Choose to Save as PDF.
  • You can also long-press the PDF link and choose the Download link.

View PDF Files with Android PDF.js Extension

Finally, you can also try to use the Android PDF.js extension that will let you view your PDF files directly on your browser without using up any space in the Downloads directory of your device.

Contact Firefox Customer Support

Photo credit: Mohamed Hassan/Pixabay

If none of the solutions above fixes the problem for you, your last resort is to reach out to Firefox support for additional assistance.

Mozilla has already acknowledged the problem of users who reported that they can download PDF files on Android using Firefox browser and they are currently working to find solutions.

Sadly, they didn’t provide any specific timeline for the fix. But still, you can try the above tips and hopefully, you can solve the problem on your own.



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