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How to Fix ChatGPT Error Code 403, 404 or 524 Server & Network Issues



With AI technology starting to find its way into many industries and fields, it’s no surprise that ChatGPT is also gaining popularity. OpenAi is the developer behind ChatGPT whose main purpose is to generate human-like text.

The AI chatbot can also perform different language-related tasks including summarizing text, translating languages, and answering questions.

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But despite its handy uses, many people have reported encountering a few errors every time they use ChatGPT, the most common of which are 524, 404, and 403 all related to server or network-related issues. To continue the seamless use of the tool, check out the following fixes for these error codes. 

What is Error Code 524 Timeout Occurred Issue in ChatGPT?


ChatGPT error code 524 is a timeout occurred type of error usually due to Cloudflare server issues. This error is on the side of the server and occurs when the servers of ChatGPT itself are down. The servers end up overloaded due to a large number of requests, resulting in a service outage

If the error occurs, you can use free tools to check ChatGPT’s current server status. If the servers are down, all you have to do is wait for a while as they fix the error. See to it you also connect to an active and stable internet or WiFi connection. 

What is ChatGPT Error Code 404 Page Not Found?

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Error code 404 in ChatGPT is similar to the generic Page Not Found or HTTP 404 error that you might see every time you visit its official website. To fix this, there are a few things you can do:

  • Always make sure that you entered the correct ChatGPT URL without any spelling mistakes. 
  • Refresh the page using the combination of Ctrl+F5 keys and check if it fixes the error. 
  • Clear the cookies and cache in your browser. Corrupted, bulked up, and outdated browser cookies and cache can all cause error code 404. 

What is 403 Forbidden Error in ChatGPT?

The Forbidden Error or error code 403 happens if you don’t have enough permission to access the ChatGPT webpage. Try the following to fix the issue:

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Error Code 524, 403 or 404 Server or Network Issues in ChatGPT

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Before you proceed with more complex fixes, make sure you start with the standard troubleshooting methods first. 

  • Refresh the webpage several times and check if it fixes the error.
  • Check the URL and ensure that you use the correct endpoint without any spelling mistakes. 
  • See to it that you are not experiencing any internet connectivity problems. 
  • Ensure that the current token is not yet expired. If it is already expired, you’ll have to request a new token from the authentication server that includes the necessary access permissions. Enter this new token in the application’s code in place of your old one. 
  • Make sure that you have a valid API key. 
  • Reset the IP address to see if this helps. 

After you are done with the basics but the error persists, try the next steps.

Check for Any Error Description in the Auth0 Dashboard

Simply open the dashboard and on the left panel, click the Monitoring tab. Check the Logs option and search for the error event: Log Event Type Codes 4. This will show the event description and type that can be analyzed to fix the issue. 

Check for Request Limits and Headers

Make sure the request headers have the correct format. Error 403 may occur due to incorrect request headers. Also, check if you already reached your request limits. If yes, wait for several minutes before sending a new one. 

ChatGPT has made several tasks easier and faster. But on those rare instances that you encounter error codes 524, 404, and 403, the solutions above may help you continue using the tool without any issues.



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