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How to Get the BBC iPlayer Streaming App on Xbox Series X or S Console



Last November, Microsoft launched the new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. But, users noticed the lack of BBC iPlayer, a streaming app featuring live BBC TV channels and programs. UK-based viewers are dismayed as the Xbox One, a previous version, includes the live TV app.

Microsoft apologized for the error but continues to find ways on how to fix the issue and bring back what its users expect. Now, it lived up to its promise, and viewers can stream on the iPlayer app using their new Xbox Series X or Series S device.

Credit: BBC

BBC iPlayer offers a variety of content ranging from films, sports, shows, and documentaries. You can binge-watch Peaky Blinders, Spiral, The Fall, and The Big. Check out documentaries like The Price of Gold and Defending Digga D. There are also movies available, such as Love Life, The Untouchables, and The Godfather.

During the launch, the Xbox Series X and S include streaming apps, such as YouTube TV, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, and Now TV. With the addition of BBC iPlayer, users will have more options to stream anything they want on their console.

How to Download and Install BBC iPlayer App on your Xbox Series X and S

Credit: Microsoft

If you are excited to have the BBC iPlayer app working on your Xbox Series X and Series S, you can download and install it anytime. According to the BBC, you can download the BBC iPlayer app for free. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Home screen or the Dashboard of your Xbox.
  • On your Xbox controller, press the middle button.
  • Scroll down and go to the Store icon.
  • On your controller, press the A button.
  • On the left side, scroll down to the Apps option.
  • Choose a category.
  • Look for the BBC iPlayer.
  • Click the app.
  • Click the Get button to download it.
  • After downloading, you can access the app on your dashboard inside My Games & Apps.

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