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How to Fix your Phone Contact Names & Numbers Not Showing Up on iPhone



Saving the contact information of people you know can make your life easier when it comes to communications. There is no need to memorize the numbers or write them in a notebook or on your phone’s notes. Just save the data on your iPhone contact list, and you have access at all times, being there when you need them.

Unfortunately, there have been problems with the Contacts app on iPhones. When you need to make a phone call or send someone a message, the contact names and numbers are not showing up on your iOS device. If your contact list keeps acting up and showing errors, it can be frustrating.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Phone Contacts Missing & Not Showing Up on iPhone Device Contact List

There are various reasons why your iPhone contacts encounter issues and have gone missing from your phone when you are calling or sending messages. Fortunately, you can try to troubleshoot and resolve the problem with several solutions below.

Solution #1 – Reboot your iPhone

  • Exit all running apps in the background.
  • Power off your iPhone for a few seconds.
  • Restart your iPhone and try to access your contact list again.

Solution #2 – Show all Contacts in your Contacts App

  • Launch the Contacts app on your iPhone.
  • Go to Groups.
  • Tap Show all Contacts.
  • Now, make sure to enable all Groups.
  • Tap Done.

Solution #3 – Enable iCloud Backup

  • Open the Settings menu of your iPhone.
  • Select your Account Name.
  • Tap iCloud.
  • Scroll down to Contacts.
  • Toggle the button to Enable.

Solution #4 – Sync your iCloud Contacts

  • Launch the Settings menu of your iPhone.
  • Tap your Account Name.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Look for Contacts and toggle the button to off.
  • Select Keep on My iPhone.
  • After several seconds, navigate to Contacts again.
  • Toggle the button to on.
  • Choose Merge.

Solution #5 – Enable Contacts on your Mail Client

  • Open the Settings menu of your iPhone.
  • Go to Mail.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Tap an account name.
  • Make sure to turn on Contacts.
  • Do the same to all email accounts.

Solution #6 – Disable Short Name Feature

  • Open the Settings menu of your iPhone.
  • Select Contacts.
  • Choose Short Name.
  • Toggle the button to off next to Short Name.

Solution #7 – Install Available Software Updates for your iPhone

  • Launch the Settings menu of your iPhone.
  • Go to General.
  • Head over to Software Updates.
  • Install available updates and restart your iPhone.

Were you able to fix the Contacts app errors on your iPhone and be able to retrieve your contact names and phone numbers? We love to hear from you, so please drop us a comment below.

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