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How to Fix Error Playing Audio on Facebook Messenger Voice Messages



Facebook Messenger made chatting easier, more convenient, and more fun for almost everyone in the world right now. Thanks to the app, you can chat with families, friends, colleagues, or even strangers using its unique features.

But despite being such a nifty app, some users have reported an error when playing audio on their voice messages on Facebook Messenger.

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Ways to Resolve Facebook Messenger Voice Messages Error in Playing Audio

If you’re having the same issue on Facebook Messenger, here are some steps you can take to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Check Messenger App Permissions

An error may occur when you’re playing audio on your Facebook Messenger voice messages if the app doesn’t have the necessary permission to access the microphone of your device. Be sure to turn on the permission and see if it solves the problem.

Confirm Any Hardware Issue

There is always the possibility that the audio issue on your Facebook Messenger is the result of a hardware issue. For instance, your phone’s loudspeaker might be broken or you may have a faulty microphone.

The sad news here is that this isn’t something you can fix on your own. Instead, you will have to send your device to a trusted maintenance center where experts can do the necessary repair.

To confirm if there are indeed hardware errors, you can try playing videos or music on other apps to check if they will work normally. Your phone might have some hardware concerns if they also fail to play on other apps and you have to send your device to a repair store for fixing.

Clear Messenger App Cache

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Facebook Messenger, just like other apps, temporarily stores some data or called cache, causing the app to use fewer resources and run efficiently.

But while the cache helps ensure the smooth function of the app, there are instances when the app can make the app malfunction if the cache is already too much or corrupted. If this is the case, you can try fixing the issue by clearing your Messenger app’s cache data.

Install the Latest App Version for Messenger

Updating your Facebook Messenger to its latest version is another great way to fix most errors and ensure that everything functions smoothly. If there is an issue when playing audio on your voice messages, make sure that you install the newest version of your Facebook Messenger app.

Restart Your Device

A simple restart of your mobile device can fix many minor issues. This simple and common operation refreshes your device and turns off any incompatible programs running in the background. After you’re done restarting, play the voice message again to check if it works fine now.

Unmute Your Device

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  • You won’t hear any audio if your device is on mute. If you’re an Android user, simply press the volume buttons or slide the volume slide bar to increase its value.
  • If you’re an iPhone user, check if the Silent or Ring switch beside the volume key has been turned on. Your iPhone is still in silent mode if the switch is orange, which means you need to turn the switch to Ring mode.
  • If the Silent or Ring button is broken or you don’t want to use it, just use the Assistive Touch to unmute your iPhone.

Not hearing the audio on your voice messages on Facebook Messenger can be a serious nuisance. Follow the steps above to continue listening to your voice messages.



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