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How to Use Skype Messaging on your Car with Android Auto



Skype has gained its popularity as an online communication tool for many years. A lot of users come to appreciate the simplicity and ease of use both for personal use and for work demands. Even remotely, many people have connected through Skype.

Despite Microsoft launching Microsoft Teams, a video conferencing app, Skype is still widely used by many loyal users. Now, Microsoft is enhancing the communication tool with a new update. The Skype for Android is releasing its latest update, the version There are more functions that users can look forward to including the much awaited support for Android Auto.

The Skype version offers its users added fixes for bugs from previous versions. There are improvements in the stability of the app. Users will find it easier to delete multiple contacts in their Skype account. The most exciting feature is the support for Android Auto. Skype for Android lets its users use the Skype app on their car.

How to Use Skype with Android Auto

Credit: Microsoft

While on the go, it is a challenge to stay connected with your co-workers or loved ones. If there are emergency calls or work-related issues that you need to deal with immediately, Android Auto makes it easier for you to communicate with others.

Android Auto can link Skype to your car so you can see Skype messages on your car’s screen. You can send a response to these SMS or text messages through your voice commands. Unfortunately, the drawback of the new feature is it does not allow you to make or receive voice or video calls from your car. Still, it lets you stay connected even when you are on the road.

Installing the Latest Version of Skype

Credit: Windows Dispatch
  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Search for Skype and check if the latest version is available for download.
  3. If yes, click Update.

Are you excited to use Skype on your next road trip? We would love to know your thoughts so drop us a comment below.


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