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How to Sideload Content to Nook from Mac or Windows 10 PC



Barnes & Noble offers more than a collection of books, e-books, toys, games, and collectibles. It also has its line of eReaders called NOOK, where you can download and read all your eBooks anywhere.

If you need to transfer files from your computer to your NOOK or vice versa, NOOK has a feature called Sideloading, which means that you can exchange files from different devices.

You can transfer content to your Mac computer or your Windows 10 PC going to your NOOK GlowLight Plus, NOOK GlowLight 3 e-reading devices or Nook Tablet. File content that can be sideloaded includes eBooks, PDF files, images, Word documents and even music.

Sideloading Files and Content to Nook e-Reader from Mac Computer


When sideloading contents from your Mac to NOOK e-readers or vice versa, you will need to install free software called Android File Transfer (AFT). On your browser, go to https://www.android.com/filetransfer/ and download the tool.

Take note that the first time you connect your e-reader to your macOS device, a NOOK icon will appear on the desktop. Click the icon to start setting up and run MyNOOK Setup. It will be a one-time installation. After the setup, you will see the MyNOOK drive, where you can transfer the files.

  1. Using the USB cable, connect your Mac with your NOOK device.
  2. Now, access the files that you want to transfer.
  3. Drag and drop the contents from your Mac location to the MYNOOK drive. You may also do it in vice versa. Repeat the procedure until you have transferred all necessary files.
  4. When done, safely eject your NOOK driver from your Mac.

How to Sideload Files to Nook e-Reader from Windows 10 PC

Credit: Barnes and Nobles

When sideloading using your Windows 10 PC, you don’t need to install a third-party tool. Your computer automatically detects the NOOK device.

Once you connect your NOOK to your PC for the first time, it will install or update the software drivers. Take note that your NOOK devices will appear under the name BNTV400, unlike the name MyNOOK on Mac computers.

  1. Using a USB cable, connect your NOOK device to your computer. You can plug the other end to the Charger/Accessory port of your NOOK.
  2. Go to your NOOK. From the top of the screen, swipe down to open the Notifications menu.
  3. Select USB for charging.
  4. Now, tap Transfer files (MTP).
  5. Go to your computer. Look for the BNTV650/BNTV400 on your Fire Explorer and click to open.
  6. Go to the files that you want to transfer. Drag and drop them from your computer to the BNTV650/BNTV400 or vice versa. Do the procedure for all the files you need.
  7. When done, safely remove your NOOK from your Windows 10 computer.
  8. Disconnect the USB cable on both devices.

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