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How to Fix Facebook Ads Manager Error Code 1885260, 1404155 or 2490027



Enhancing your advertising efforts on Facebook comes with a share of barriers now and then. You, like many other entrepreneurs, are likely to encounter errors when using Facebook Ads Manager.

No need for stress–it’s all going to be okay.

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With the right guidance, you can resolve error codes 1885260, 1404155, or 2490027 and reinstate efficacy in your advertising strategies.

Troubleshoot Facebook Ads Manager Error Code 1885260, 1404155 or 2490027

Below we will explain how you can cross these technical hurdles and efficiently manage Facebook Ads.

Step 1: Keep Your Facebook Ads Manager Updated

In the world of digital, being current keeps you from falling behind. The same principle applies when dealing with Facebook Ads Manager.

Regular updates are rolled out for this app to ensure your experience is super smooth, by ironing out glitches and putting in new, awesome features.

Just like your mobile apps or your operating system, ensure that you are using the latest version of Facebook Ads Manager.

Outdated versions may be riddled with bugs or compatibility issues that can lead to error codes such as 1885260, 1404155, or 2490027. Regular updates can help you keep these errors at bay.

Step 2: Sweeping Thoroughly Through Your Facebook Ad Content

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When trying to figure out the cause behind error code 1885260, the root of the issue might be hiding in plain sight—your ad content.

Facebook’s ad guidelines are designed to maintain a safe and friendly space for everyone. Ads which contain or refer to content that fails to comply with these policies can trigger the security systems, resulting in error code 1885260.

Take a thorough look at your ad content, scrutinize each word, image, and context to ensure it complies with all advertising policies. Fixing any non-compliant content can help you get one step ahead in fixing this error.

Step 3: Ensuring Your Facebook Ad Account and System Users are Sorted

Merely checking updates and ad content might not put all your worries to rest. Error code 2490027 indicates an underlying issue with the ad account setup or system users, which means you need to dig deeper.

  • Ensure that your ad account is correctly setup in Business Manager.
  • Cross-verify that all system users are listed under the ad account as admins.
  • A proper setup can, in many cases, avert any issues that could lead to error code 2490027.

Step 4: Check for Incomplete Ad Creatives

If you are encountering error code 1404155, it’s a sign that your ad creative is not up to mark. Constructing an ad involves intricacy and attention to detail – each field, each element matters.

Start by revisiting every filled-out field and element used when creating or updating your ad. This will verify that you haven’t missed anything crucial – and if you have, amending the mistake can put you back on track.

Step 5: Reach Out to Facebook Customer Support

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If you’ve adhered to each point described above, yet the problem persists, it’s time you seek help from the benevolent folks at Facebook Support. They can guide you with bespoke troubleshooting steps based on the error code you are encountering.

Additionally, they can help you understand the issue better and equip you with skills to prevent similar problems in the future.

Hope this helps!



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