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How to Fix Facebook Ads Active But Not Spending Daily Budget Money Issue



Does the frustration of seeing active ads but no daily spending have you pulling your hair out? Fear not, you’re not alone in that struggle. Fine-tuning campaigns on Facebook Ads to optimize delivery can be challenging.

But don’t lose hope yet – there are usually fixes for Facebook ads to be found. In this extensive guide, we’ll cover common reasons why Facebook ads get stuck not spending budgets.

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Ways to Resolve Facebook Ads Active But Not Spending Daily Budget Money Error

Then, we’ll provide in-depth solutions you can methodically work through and resolve the Facebook ads error.

Check Manual Bids and Bid Ranges on Facebook Ads

When setting manual bids too low, your ads don’t receive enough impressions to effectively spend the daily budget. Take time to review bid amounts for each ad set and target group. Make sure bids meet Facebook’s recommended minimum ranges.

You can also try bid experiments, gradually increasing bids by $0.10 increments until ad delivery improves.

Expand Your Target Audience Parameters on Facebook Ads

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Having a highly specific target audience with only a few thousand people makes it difficult for Facebook to spend money daily optimizing across fewer impressions.

The solution? Broaden your targeting specifications to reach a larger pool of potential customers. Try wider interest groups, locations, age brackets or other profile details to increase your audience size to at least 10,000 people if possible.

Allocate Sufficient Minimum Budgets

Splitting a low total budget like $50 per day across multiple campaigns each with tiny $5 daily caps makes efficient spending near impossible.

Facebook’s algorithm works best when it can distribute amounts flexibly between ads. Set minimum budgets of $25 or more per campaign so money has room to move around and still be spent in full.

Complete Any Outstanding Payment Details

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Unresolved payment issues are a top reason for campaigns showing active but not spending. Check your billing page for incomplete or expired payment methods causing ad delivery to pause.

Provide updated credit card or PayPal details right away to resume spending. If past due invoices are owed, make sure to pay right away too.

Carefully Check Ad Approval Status

Not having ads reviewed and approved by Facebook is another major limiter of spending. Take a close look at the delivery column for each ad in your campaigns to see approval notices.

Any without an approval check means funding cannot be allocated yet until ads are given the green light. Try editing unapproved creatives if issues are highlighted.

Fine-Tune Cost Control Bidding Strategies

When constraints set in the bidding section like cost caps, max ROAS or daily budget controls are too restrictive, it stifles the algorithm’s ability to operate ads optimally. Loosen controls so bids can fluctuate more freely as the system learns your ideal customer value over time.

You may need to test pausing these advanced features briefly too to lift artificial limits on spending potential.

Consider Raising Daily Budget Amounts on Facebook Ads… cautiously

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In some cases, modest budget amplifications – not drastic increases – can motivate more ad spending by relaxing perceived constraints.

Gradual $5 hikes monitored closely are recommended over rash changes that may distort results. Larger budgets also mask underlying technical problems, so proper fixes are still needed alongside spending boosts.

Hope this helps!



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