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How to Fix Garmin Connect Not Uploading or Syncing Activity or Steps Data Issue



Garmin is one of the biggest names in the wearable market. As people become more conscious about their overall health and well-being, Garmin devices have also enjoyed significant popularity among users from all walks of life.

The main purpose of the Garmin Connect app is to help you check all pertinent data regarding your steps and activities. But what if it doesn’t upload the information at all?

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Top Solutions to Resolve Garmin Connect Not Uploading Fitness Activity Issue

Before you panic, check first if your Garmin watch and the app show the same activity and number of steps. If there are different numbers of steps shown, you can proceed to the steps below.

Check the Bluetooth Connection on your Device

  • Launch your Garmin Connect app.
  • Look for your Garmin Device’s image on the top portion of the app. There should be a green dot on the ring around the device. Proceed to step 5 when you see this green dot.
  • If the ring has a red dot, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth feature.
  • If the ring doesn’t have a colored dot, disable your phone’s Bluetooth and enable it again. If the green dot doesn’t show up after several seconds, close the app first. Then, disable and restart Bluetooth. Open the Garmin Connect app again.
  • If the ring has a green dot, it indicates that the Garmin device is not properly connected to your app via Bluetooth. Press the sync button on the top right-hand portion of the app to sync the steps from your device. It might take several minutes to sync if the device hasn’t been connected for some time.
  • Seek help from Garmin support if the activity and steps shown on your app and device are still different. 

Close and Reopen the Garmin Connect App

One more thing you can try is to close and re-open the app. Most of the time, you can simply do it once. You can also try to restart your phone if possible to see if this will fix the Garmin Connect issue.

Restart Your Garmin Watch 

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Restart your Garmin wearable device. If you have a rechargeable device, you just need to plug it into its USB port with no need to use the charging cable. This is how a restart is done when it comes to wearables.

Remove and Re-add the Device to Garmin Connect

If your Garmin Connect doesn’t connect or upload data for activity or steps, you can try removing and re-adding the device to the app. Don’t worry because doing so won’t lead to data loss.

Use Garmin Express on your Computer

If the issue persists, connect the device to your computer using Garmin Express. This will reboot your device without deleting any saved data. Doing so can also transfer all the data from your device to your Garmin account. You can use it as a temporary solution as this will let you sync all your data from your device.

Delete and Reinstall the Garmin Connect App

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You can also try deleting and re-installing your Garmin Connect app. After the installation, log in using the same Garmin account to repopulate the app.

Follow these tips and start viewing all your activities and steps once again so you can keep track of your health and fitness.



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