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How to Fix Google Pay Error OR-BAAVFT-03 or OR-BAIH-12 when Adding Bank Account



Google Pay rocks the world of mobile payments. It’s a whiz at sending and receiving money, sorting out bills, and countless other wonders!

But oh no! Sometimes annoying errors on Google Pay like OR-BAAVFT-03 and OR-BAIH-12 pop up when you’re adding a bank account.

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Fixes for Google Pay Error Code OR-BAAVFT-03 or OR-BAIH-12 when Adding Bank Account Issue

Don’t worry though, this post has got you covered. We’ll unravel some foolproof solutions to wipe out these Google Pay errors.

Double-Check Your Bank Account Specifics or Details

Under the hood, you’ll find that these error codes are sneaky little devils. They can be due to erroneous info entered when adding your bank account.

Yes, you heard it right! Just a slight slip in keying in the account number or routing number can trigger these errors.

So, it’s time to put on your detective hat. Check – recheck your bank account specifics:

  • Pop open your beloved Google Pay app.
  • Hunt for the “Payment methods” option.
  • Spot the portal “Add bank account.”
  • Now comes the best part – re-enter your banking info with extreme precision.

Once you’ve cross-checked everything, level up! Try adding the bank account once again. Voila – is the error gone? Congratulations, my friend!

Is it still there? No worries, let’s unearth the next fix.

Dial-Up Your Bank

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After making sure your bank account details are up to the mark, are you still facing the pesky issues? Hmm… could be your bank getting in the way.

That’s correct. Sometimes, banks might block transactions, giving birth to these glitches.

So, what’s your next move? Contact your bank, of course!

Get in touch and inquire if they have placed any blocks on these transactions. While chatting, also ask them to confirm if your account status is all green and healthy.

How to reach them, you ask? Simple. Round up the customer service number from the bank’s website or head to your nearest bank branch.

Try Adding your Bank Details to Google Pay Again After Awhile

Sometimes these error codes in Google Pay might be due to temporary hiccups. Nothing major! Just like your coffee breaks, Google Pay might need a break too.

In this scenario, simply waiting and trying again after a while might just do the trick. Fancy an extra tip? Restart your device. Then try adding your bank account again. Piece of cake!

Clean Up Google Pay App Cache and User Data

Next up, let’s talk about ‘cleaning up’. Ever heard of cache and user data in your Google Pay app? They store temporary raw data and information.

Sometimes, they are similar to those naughty guests at a party who just won’t leave. Giving them the boot can make things better. Follow these steps to kick them out:

  • Take a dive into your device’s settings jungle.
  • Look for the option called “Apps”. Found it?
  • Now, find Google Pay, your target.
  • Click! Suddenly “Clear cache” and “Clear data” buttons reveal themselves.

After this thrilling cleanup mission, feel free to add your bank account again. The dreaded error code, is it still there?

Update Your Google Pay App

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Ah, before you say anything, did you check if your Google Pay app is dressed in the latest version? An outdated version may invite bugs or issues. And guess what they cause? Right, these annoying errors!

So, do a fashion check for your Google Pay app. Visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Any new outfit (updates) available for Google Pay? If yes, awesome! Get the update and set yourself free from these error codes.

Chat Google Pay Customer Support

Still hitting a brick wall? Now might be the time to yell for help – from Google Pay Support! These people are pros. They know their stuff. Contact them, and you may get some additional fixes not talked about here.

Or they might take your case up with their tech team. Fancy, huh? You can reach them through the Google Pay support page – submit a ticket or cajole them via live chat!



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