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Transaction Declined: Invalid Payment Method OR-CCSEH-05



Google Pay allows users to set up their credit cards and other payment options to pay for the services offered by Google. However, some users complain of the error code OR-CCSEH-05 when paying for their purchased app or services on the platform.

Affected services include Google Play Store, Google Cloud Platform and even third-party apps using Google Pay as their payment solution.

For most users, it is Google Play that throws out this error more often. Google’s app store offers a huge collection of apps for free or for purchase. You can download Android apps, music, games, or other media. Some of these apps are available for free while others are for a price.

If you are set to purchase an app, you can easily pay through different payment methods including Google Pay. That’s when the error happens.

What is Error Code OR-CCSEH-05 with Google Pay?

Credit: Google Support

Many users have encountered the payment error OR-CCSEH-05 when they try to purchase an app on Google Play. Upon payment or checking out, they receive the error message:

“transaction declined: invalid payment method. [or-ccseh-05]”

Apparently, this is not a problem with neither Google Pay or the bank issuer. As part of the on-going fight against credit card fraud, banks now offer two versions of your credit card. One for the physical card and another one for the digital version of your card. The latter is also called a virtual card which is designed to be used for online purchases like when paying for your apps and services.

Fortunately, there are several ways on how you can solve the problem. Check out the solutions and workarounds we have listed below.

How to Fix Payment Error Code “OR-CCSEH-05” using Google Pay

Credit: Thodwris/Github

Solution #1 – Check Your Payment Information

The error may be due to the lack of payment information or an error in your data. Make sure your information is correct and updated including your name, address, card number or CVC. You may also check if you have sufficient funds to purchase.

Solution #2 – Verify Your Account on Google Pay

You may be blocked by the error because you need to verify your account first before proceeding with the transaction. This method works for users who are using Google Pay. Verify your account on Google Pay’s Account Verification page. Then, start making a purchase.

Solution #3 – Use a Virtual Card

Virtual cards are compatible with Google Play payments, hence the reason you should use it for app purchases. Not only does it work for many users, but virtual cards are also safe to use. You do not need to input your physical card’s number online, which safeguards it from hackers.

Activate your virtual card option in your bank’s application or website. You will be given another card number and a CVC that changes every 5 minutes. Use these details directly in Google Play or through Google Pay and start making some purchases.

Solution # 4 – Contact Google Pay or Google Play Support

If none of the above solutions work, try to contact Google Support by going to their official website or support channels specific to Google Play billing or Google Pay. Report your issue, so that they can check the cause of the error.

Which of the methods above work for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. None of these worked and Google Pay support does not have an answer. I can manually input card information to make purchases online but could not get verification by entering the CVV code into Chrome to verify card. This card was previously working in GPay. I tried editing the card and it would not save , and then deleted and tried to re-add. Error: Your request failed. Ensure yuor payment method info is correct or add another card… CCSEH-05. This card was working in GPay for more than 6 months and works anywhere else.


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