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How to Fix Facebook Ads Manager Error Code 2446841, 1487658 or 1443017



Facebook Ads Manager errors. They strike without warning and leave you dazed in their wake. Why won’t Facebook just let you run your ad? Is it too much to ask? Apparently so.

But never fear – this comprehensive troubleshooting guide will equip you to decipher Facebook Ad’s cryptic mistakes. Let’s crack the code together!

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The Struggle is Real – Understanding Facebook Ads Manager Error Code 2446841, 1487658 or 1443017

  • Tried making a new ad creative? Error 1487658.
  • Attempted to edit your campaign budget? Error 2446841.
  • Clicked “Launch Campaign” and…Error 1443017.

We’ve all been there. You pour time into crafting the perfect ad only to have your hopes dashed by a random number. Makes you want to flip your desk!

Troubleshoot Facebook Ads Manager Error Code 2446841, 1487658 or 1443017

But getting angry won’t fix the Facebook Ads Manager problem. Let’s take a chill pill and handle this methodically.

Verify Your Admin Permissions on Facebook Ads Manager

Before doing anything else, triple check your admin settings.

  • Navigating to Business Manager > Settings > Page Roles, make sure you and any other advertisers are assigned proper Admin access. Without it, most campaign and account changes will be blocked by Facebook’s unforgiving system.
  • While you’re at it, check Business Manager > Assets to confirm the Ad Account status itself is set to Active. A disabled account will also prevent launching ads.
  • Flip that switch to “On” if needed. Don’t let simple permission issues stop your campaigns before they can even start!

Fill In All Required Ad Fields on Facebook Ads

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If you’re creating ads via the Marketing API, it demands certain fields be filled out to generate the ad properly. Leave one empty?¬†Error Code 1487658¬†strikes once more!

The best way to handle this is to duplicate an existing ad in Ads Manager. Then modify the duplicate. This auto-populates all the necessary title, image, text and formatting fields. Don’t leave the Marketing API guessing – give it the exact ingredients it needs.

Secure Critical App Permissions on Facebook Ads Manager

Buried in Business Settings > Developer Settings lives a trove of app permissions that can make or break your advertising efforts.

Have you reviewed them lately? Be sure to approve critical ones like ads_management, ads_read, and pages_show_list.

Lacking these permits will block access when you attempt changes through Ads Manager. Facebook’s developers locked things down tight. But with proper permissions checked, your ads will function freely.

Follow Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Nothing will destroy a promising campaign faster than violations of Facebook’s Ad Policies. Their rules around prohibited images, text, targeting options and more are notoriously strict. Don’t let your creative assets or audience selections tread anywhere near the gray area.

When in doubt, start with a simple design and broad targeting to verify basic functionality. Incrementally add specifics once the core components are reliably working. Save headaches by playing it safe and conservative until you grasp Facebook’s rules.

Isolate Facebook Ads Issues with Incremental Testing

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Once you’ve triple checked permissions, required fields, and policies, use incremental testing to isolate the trigger for any remaining errors. Start by duplicating a known good campaign and ad. Get that basic copy functioning properly, then slowly add in new changes piece by piece.

Add your tracking pixels. Test it again. Try a new audience segment. Test again. With each incremental addition, you’ll easily spot what adjustment causes any new errors. Then focus your troubleshooting there. This incremental verification will save massive headaches compared to changing everything at once.

Breathe Deep and Troubleshoot Facebook Ads Methodically

Even experienced advertisers get ambushed by Facebook’s error codes. But don’t let it unravel your sanity. Just breathe deep and apply these troubleshooting steps in a methodical fashion.

Verify permissions, populate required fields, secure proper approvals, and incrementally test. With some diligent detective work, you’ll get past the cryptic errors and on to effective campaigns.



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