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How to Fix Pinterest Website Blank Screen or Not Loading Issue on Safari Browser



Have you tried opening Pinterest on your Safari browser, only to be greeted by a blank white screen? I got you.

Many Pinterest users have reported this frustrating issue when trying to access the platform on Safari, especially on Mac devices running macOS Catalina.

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Don’t worry though – the problem is likely not on your end. It seems to stem from a backend glitch causing compatibility issues between Safari and Pinterest.

Troubleshoot Pinterest Website Blank Screen or Not Loading Issue on Safari Browser

Thankfully, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to get Pinterest working again on Safari. Let’s walk through them:

Check Your Internet Connection

Before doing anything else, verify that you have a stable, strong internet connection. Slow or spotty connections can prevent pages from loading properly. Make sure you have a solid WiFi or cellular data connection before proceeding.

Clear Your Safari Browser Cache and Cookies

Over time, your browser stores website data locally to speed up load times. However, this can sometimes cause conflicts.

Open Safari preferences and clear out the browser cache and cookies. This gives Pinterest a clean slate to work with.

Update Safari Browser to the Latest Version

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Using an outdated browser version can lead to compatibility issues with newer websites.

  • Go to the App Store and check for any Safari updates.
  • Install the most recent version to ensure maximum compatibility.

Restart the Pinterest Mobile App

If you’re trying to access Pinterest through the iOS app, try force quitting it and restarting. This can clear out any temporary bugs causing problems.

Disable Safari Extensions One by One

Some Safari plugins/extensions may conflict with Pinterest. Disable them one at a time to see if any are interfering with page loading.

Attempt Other Browsers like Chrome or Firefox

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Try using an alternative browser like Chrome or Firefox to access Pinterest. If the site loads fine there, it confirms something with Safari is causing the problem.

Update Operating System on your iOS Device

Make sure your Mac, iPhone, or other device has the latest OS version installed. Running outdated platforms can create browser conflicts.

The problem may not be limited to some specific browsers. It has been persistent because to some glitches on the backend.

Turn Off VPNs and Proxy Servers Temporarily

VPNs and proxies can sometimes interfere with site loading. Try disabling them as a test to see if they are impacting Pinterest.

You may also opt to switch to a different VPN service like the ones below:

Check Pinterest’s Status Page

Image credit: Pinterest

Pinterest has a status page that indicates any current outages. Check https://status.pinterest.com/ to see if any known issues are occurring.

Contact Pinterest Customer Support

If all else fails, you can reach out to Pinterest’s customer support team. They may have additional troubleshooting tips or insights into any browser problems.

I hope these steps help you get Pinterest working properly again on Safari! It may require trying multiple solutions, but being patient and methodical should resolve the blank screen issue. Don’t hesitate to contact support if problems persist. Good luck!



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