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How to Fix Instagram Chat Theme Not Working, Keeps Resetting to Default Issue



Instagram, a photo-sharing app that doubles as a simple messaging tool, has gained phenomenal global popularity. However, users have reported instances where their Instagram chat theme does not work properly or constantly resets to default setting.

This article provides a detailed guide with steps that you can follow when this issue arises.

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Methods to Troubleshoot Instagram Chat Theme Not Working, Keeps Resetting to Default Issue

Check out the various solutions on what you can do to fix the Instagram chat theme not working error.

Keep Your Instagram App Updated

Often, app-related problems can be traced back to outdated software versions. Instagram might have released bug fixes or a feature update that corrects your issue.

So, first make sure you’ve got the newest Instagram app version. You can check for updates by going to the app store or platform where you initially downloaded Instagram.

For those using iPhones or iPads, check the Apple App Store. For Android device users, check the Google Play Store. Install any updates if they’re available.

Clearing Instagram App Cache and Data

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The next step involves clearing cache and data from your Instagram app. Cache and data are pieces of information that your device stores in order to load the app faster.

However, too much information stored might cause malfunctioning in apps.

  • Go to your gadget’s settings, look through your app list, and locate Instagram.
  • Within Instagram settings, select “Clear cache” and “Clear data”.
  • Please bear in mind, clearing data will log you out of the app.
  • Make sure you remember your login info before going ahead.

The Old Logout and Login Trick – Log Out and Log In on your Instagram Account

It could seem overly simple, but this action can resolve several minor app problems. It acts as a refresh and often solves many minor problems instantly.

Verify Your Internet Connection

One of the common problems causing any app not to function correctly is a weak or unstable internet connection.

Ensure your internet connection is strong and reliable. Should you suspect any network hiccups, resetting your router or modem might do the trick to boost your connectivity.

Contact Instagram Customer Support

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Suppose all the above steps fail to resolve your Instagram chat theme issue.

In that case, it’s time to seek assistance from the Instagram support team. They have access to more specific troubleshooting steps based on the issue you are experiencing.

Always reach out to official support channels to avoid being scammed by people pretending to be support agents. You can hit the ‘Help’ section on your app or visit the Instagram Help Center website to get assistance.

These troubleshooting steps might not always solve the issue, but they are the most common solutions for fixing the Instagram chat theme consistently resetting. Should this problem persist, consider consulting a specialist or reaching out to Instagram’s support directly.

Remember, technology is our friend – until it’s not. When all else fails, professional support is only a contact form away.



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