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Fix: “It looks like your LastPass session has expired” Log in Error



Keeping your password secured is an utmost priority online. With so many cases of hacking and data breaches, you must ensure that your passwords are safe and cannot easily be predicted.

One way to properly manage your passwords is using LastPass. It is a password vault and manager that stores all your passwords and usernames in one secure place. Each time you need to use a password for a website or app, you can access it via LastPass through a desktop computer or mobile app.

Unfortunately, LastPass may also encounter issues along the way. You may see the error message, “ERROR: It looks like your LastPass session has expired. Log in to continue using LastPass.” The issue prompts users to log in to their accounts after 15 or so minutes of using the browser extension tool on Windows 10/11 PC or Mac computer.

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

It is worrisome that a problem occurs with your password manager and the thought of the risk involved that might compromise all your accounts is just too great. Fortunately, there are ways to troubleshoot and fix the sign-in session expiring regularly problem.

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Fixing LastPass Error It looks like your LastPass session has expired

Seeing the LastPass error message upon log in to happens a lot of people most especially those who are using a laptop or desktop computer. It can occur to users of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Opera web browsers. To help you resolve it, check out the troubleshooting solutions and workarounds below.

Method #1 – Restart your Web Browser

First, try to reload the tab on your web browser and check if the message still appears. Then, you may exit or quit the browser and relaunch it. Try logging back in to your LastPass account.

Method #2 – Enable Cookies in your Browser

Sometimes, your web browser may be clearing the cookies, which causes the LastPass session to end its session. You will need to enable the cookies on your browser. Navigate to the Settings menu of your web browser, and go to the Privacy or Security section. Make sure to allow all cookies.

Method #3 – Allow the LastPass Website on your Browser or Add It as an Exception

On your browser, you need to set the LastPass website as an exception or add it as a trusted site. Navigate to the Tools section of your browser, and go to Sites or Exceptions. Add “https://lastpass.com”.

Method #4 – Enable Share Login on Browsers on LastPass Extension Settings

  • Launch LastPass on your browser by clicking the LastPass icon.
  • Navigate to Account Options. 
  • Select Extension Preferences.
  • Click Advanced.
  • Look for the Share login state between browsers and set it to Enable.

Method #5 – Clear LastPass Cookies or Cache

  • Click the LastPass icon to open it on your browser.
  • Go to Account Options.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Click Clear Local Cache.
  • Restart your Browser.

Do you have other suggestions that may work in fixing the LastPass sign in error? You can share them with us in the comment section below.

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