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How to Mute or Turn Off Chat Notifications on Google Calendar



In the fast-paced digital age, managing our time efficiently has become crucial, especially for Workspace users in large organizations. Google Calendar has long been a go-to scheduling tool, aiding professionals in coordinating their commitments and responsibilities seamlessly whether on desktop computer or on iOS or Android phone.

While event reminders have shifted to Google Tasks, the innovative “Focus time” feature in Google Calendar remains a game-changer. And now, Google has taken it a step further by allowing users to mute Chat notifications directly within the Calendar interface, enabling distraction-free work during those vital focused hours, specially during meetings.

The Power of Focus Time on Google Calendar

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In a world brimming with distractions, Google Calendar’s “Focus time” emerges as a potent tool for individuals aiming to optimize their productivity on desktop computer and iPhone or Android mobile devices. By designating specific time slots as Focus time, users can ensure uninterrupted work periods. This functionality proves particularly beneficial for those seeking dedicated brainstorming sessions or the chance to delve into tasks without constant interruptions.

Managing Your Availability Status and Notifications

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Understanding how to effectively manage your availability status and notifications in Google Chat is essential for optimizing your workflow.

Understanding Availability Status

Visibility of your status is limited to individuals you’ve shared a space with or those you’ve accepted chat invitations from. Blocked users are exempt from viewing your status. Various status icons convey your availability:

  • Active: Gmail or Google Chat is currently open.
  • Do not disturb: Temporarily mutes Google Chat notifications.
  • Away: Signifies a lack of internet connectivity or being idle for over 10 minutes.
  • Idle: Indicates inactivity in Gmail or Google Chat for the last 5 minutes.

Changing Your Status

On your computer, open Gmail and locate the status indicator at the top right. Select from options like Automatic, Do not disturb, or Set as away to reflect your current availability.

Setting a Custom Status

Customize your status by clicking the Down arrow next to your status indicator. Opt for “Add a status” and follow the prompts to create a personalized status message.

Deleting a Custom Status

If you wish to remove a custom status, click the status indicator, select the status you want to delete, and click X.

Seamless Calendar Status Integration for Workspace Accounts

For Workspace accounts, Google Chat’s status updates correspond with your Calendar status. This integration ensures that your availability is automatically adjusted during meetings or periods when you’re out of the office.

Temporarily Muting and Disabling Notifications for Focus Time

Using Do Not Disturb

To temporarily mute notifications, click your status in Google Chat or Gmail, then select “Do not disturb.” You can set a preferred duration or specific time for the mute. Notifications will automatically resume after the set duration expires.

Scheduled Muting

For a more structured approach, choose “Do not disturb” from your status, then select “Set a do not disturb schedule.” Create multiple schedules to pause notifications during specific times, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted focus.


The integration of muting Chat notifications within Google Calendar’s Focus time feature presents a remarkable leap forward for Workspace users. By seamlessly combining these functionalities, Google empowers professionals to dive into their work with laser-focused attention, minimizing distractions and boosting productivity. In an environment where every second counts, this new capability offers a refreshing way to reclaim control over our workdays, one undistracted Focus time at a time.



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