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How to Export & Transfer your LastPass Passwords to 1Password



Passwords are our means to secure our online accounts. Unfortunately, our passwords are still not 100% safe from hackers. That is why password managers exist to help store passwords securely. These platforms also add another layer of security to ensure that no one can access our accounts but us alone.

Two of the best password managers are LastPass and 1Password. But, did you know that you can export and transfer your password vault from LastPass to 1Password? To know how to do it, continue reading the article below.

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How to Switch & Move your Password Data from LastPass to 1Password

If you want to leave LastPass and switch to store your password data in 1Password, you can easily do so. When you move your passwords from LastPass to 1Password, take note that it will not import documents and form fills. Your LastPass passwords will convert to 1Password logins and your folders into tags.

Exporting Your Passwords from LastPass

The first thing you need to do is export your data from LastPass in order to move it to 1Password. There are two methods to do this:

Export LastPass Data to CSV File using Browser Extension

The more secure way to export your LastPass data is through the browser extension on your desktop or laptop computer. You can save your login data as a CSV or an XML file. For this purpose, we recommend using CSV file for easy migration to another password manager like 1Password.

If you are not using the LastPass browser extension yet, you can download and install it from here (depending on your browser, you can find the link at the bottom of the LastPass website).

  • Click on the LastPass extension icon.
  • Go to Account Options > Advanced > Export > LastPass CSV File
  • LastPass will ask you to enter your master password to continue the process. Select whatever time frame that suits your situation.
  • Your CSV file download will start as soon as you fill in your master password.
Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

Export your LastPass Data from LastPass.com

If for some reason, you can’t or won’t use the LastPass browser extension, you can resolve to copying your data manually into your clipboard. Before you do this, make sure to secure your clipboard and remove the apps tracking it.

  • Open any browser and go to LastPass.com.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • On the sidebar, click the More options.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Go to Export.
  • Type your LastPass password. All your data will appear.
  • Select all text on the screen and copy all of it.

Importing & Moving Your LastPass Vault to 1Password


Now that you have copied all your data, it is time to import them to 1Password.

  • On your browser, go to 1Password.com.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • On the upper right corner, click your name.
  • Select Import.
  • Click LastPass. It will select your Private Vault. You can also choose another vault.
  • Right-click on the screen and select Paste. It will paste all your LastPass data.

To see all your imported items, go to ‚ÄúTake me to my imported items.”

What is your reason for exporting all your passwords from LastPass to 1Password? Will you retain the two password managers? We would love to know your answers to our questions, so drop us a comment down below.



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