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How to Fix Lastpass “An error occurred while contacting the server” Issue



With the advent of the internet and social media becoming a core part of everyone’s everyday lives, services like LastPass have become essential. Having a single place to manage and keep all your passwords safe and secure is incredibly convenient, and LastPass is the epitome of this idea. Of the many password managers available, it’s by and far one of the best.

Of course, with so many users, there are bound to be bugs and errors here and there. LastPass in particular has had the An Error Occurred While Occurred While Contacting the Server issue pop-up quite often, and this can be terrifying for most users. After all, LastPass is where all your passwords are, and not being able to access the app is scary.

Here are some of the error messages you might see related to this glitch:

“An error occurred while attempting to contact the server. Please check your internet connection.”


“We couldn’t contact the server. Check your internet connection and try again.”

“An error has occurred while contacting the LastPass server. Please try again later.”


If you’ve faced this same issue, or are perhaps facing this security glitch or server problem right now, then worry not, we’ve got some solutions for you. If you follow or step-by-step guide, you should find yourself back in LastPass, accessing all your passwords as usual. So, if you’re ready to start troubleshooting, let’s get straight into it.

How to Fix the ‘An error occurred while attempting to contact the server’ Issue on LastPass

The main cause for this LastPass issue can be frustrating to troubleshoot, mainly due to how the cause could be on the user’s end or server side. We’ll be going through most of the common causes, breaking down the steps to fix them as well as the basic reasons why they happen. If some of these don’t work, keep trying! 

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Method 1: Update LastPass

  • Check LastPass for any new updates.
  • If available, then update LastPass to its latest version.
  • Relaunch LastPass and attempt to login as usual.

Method 2: Check If LastPass Servers Are Up

  • Check if LastPass is servers are up.
  • The status of LastPass servers can be checked here.
  • If LastPass servers are down in your location, then simply wait for them to go back up.
  • Once they’re back online, attempt to login as usual.

Method 3: Clear LastPass Cache

  • Click the LastPass icon in your browser.
  • Click the ‘More Options’ setting.
  • Select the ‘Advanced’ option.
  • Click ‘Clear Local Cache’ 
  • Refresh your browser and attempt to login as usual.

Wrapping it up

With that, we’ve reached the end of our guide. If you’ve followed the steps we’ve written here, then you should find your LastPass working as usual without any issue. It’s a fairly simple issue, but one that can be difficult to figure out. Once you’ve gotten past it though, your passwords should be accessible once again.



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