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How to Fix Microsoft Excel Cannot Paste the Data Error on PC or Mac



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Microsoft Excel is a lifesaver when you want to organize all your data, values, and information. With each cell arranged in columns and rows, you can customize it in a way that fits your preference and style.

However, you may encounter errors when you want to paste values on a Microsoft Excel cell, workbook, or datasheet. It seems that there are instances when you receive an issue indicating that you cannot paste the data on the spreadsheet.

The error occurs when copying a range of data from one Excel workbook to another or from a notepad on Windows 10 PC or Mac computer. If you right-click the copy-paste feature is simply not working.


While it is frustrating, especially if pressed in time, you can fix the problem with a few troubleshooting methods.

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Fixing Microsoft Office 365 Cannot Paste the Data Error on Excel

Microsoft Excel issues are common to a lot of users on Office 365 & desktop apps. But, it does not mean that you cannot do anything about it. Follow each of the solutions below to resolve and fix the “Cannot Paste the Data” error on your Excel sheets.

Method #1 – Restart your Microsoft Excel App

  • Save the changes you made on your Excel file.
  • Exit the Microsoft Excel app and wait for a few moments.
  • Relaunch the app and open the file again.
  • Try to paste the data.

Method #2 – Edit the MS Excel Cell Format

  • Select the column heading that you want to change.
  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Select Number Format.
  • Choose the format that best fits the data that you are trying to paste. For instance, if it is a date, change the format to Date.

Method #3 – Add a New Column or Row

  • Highlight the number of rows or columns that you want to add.
  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Click the Paste button.

Method #4 – Use the Excel Paste Special Function

  • Go to the cell where you want to paste the data and right-click on it.
  • Select Paste Special.
  • Click OK.

Method #5 – Unmerge the Cells

You may be trying to paste the information on merge cells, which is not possible if the data comes from a regular cell. Try to unmerge the cells first before pasting the data.

  • Highlight the cells where you want to paste the information.
  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Click Merge and Center.
  • Select Unmerge Cells.

That’s it! You can try these solutions and check if you can paste the data on your Microsoft Excel file now.

Do you have other methods that have worked in resolving the Microsoft Excel pasting issue? You can share them with our users in the comment section below.

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