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How to Rotate Text in Excel Spreadsheet and PowerPoint Manually



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It is a huge convenience to use Microsoft PowerPoint during corporate presentations or online meetings. You can visually present information using charts, graphs, or any representations in a slideshow. Another advantage is presenting an Excel Spreadsheet on your PowerPoint slides. The two Microsoft services work together seamlessly but they are as great individually as a tool for work and personal use.

There are times when you want to rotate a text on a cell on your Microsoft Excel worksheet or a PowerPoint presentation manually. On Excel, you can rotate using one cell or multiple cells. You can also rotate text by hand. On PowerPoint, you can change the direction of a text box shape to effectively rotate the text towards the angle you want.

How to Align or Rotate Text in a Microsoft Excel Worksheet Cells


To rotate text by hand in Excel, you will have to use your mouse cursor. Follow the steps below one at a time.

  • First, launch the Excel worksheet you want to use.
  • Look for the cell with the text you want to rotate. Click it to highlight. If you want to rotate multiple cells, highlight all the cells.
  • On the menu options above, go to the Home tab.
  • Look for the Alignment Section.
  • Click the Orientation button.
  • Select the orientation of how you want to rotate your text. You can set the angle clockwise or counterclockwise, vertical text, or rotate text up or down.
  • If you want to manually rotate it to a customized angle, highlight the cells and right-click to open the drop-down menu.
  • Select Format Cells.
  • Go to the Alignment tab.
  • From there, you can adjust the angle of your text.
  • Once done, click OK.

How to Rotate or Change the Direction of Text Box Shape in MS PowerPoint

  • Launch your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Click the Insert tab.
  • Click the Text box option.
  • Drag the mouse on the presentation to create a text box and type your text.
  • Once done, click the text box to show the curved arrow.
  • Click and drag the curved arrow to rotate your text.
  • To set the angle of your text, click the Format tab.
  • Go to the Arrange option.
  • Click the Rotate button.
  • A drop-down menu will appear with rotation options.
  • Select your preferred angle. If you want to input the exact degree, click the More Rotation Options.
  • Type the angle degree, and your text will automatically rotate on your desired angle.

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