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How to Fix Error Code 1815762, 2061015 or 1487891 on Facebook Ads



So, you’re all set to boost your business with Facebook Ads, but suddenly, you encounter an error code. Don’t worry; you’re not alone!

Error codes on Facebook Ads like 1815762, 2061015, and 1487891 can be frustrating, but they’re also manageable.

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Troubleshooting Tips for Facebook Ads Error Code 1815762, 2061015 or 1487891

In this article, we’ll break down these Facebook Ads errors and provide easy-to-follow solutions so you can get back to running your campaigns smoothly.

Resolve Facebook Ads Error Code 1815762 – Your Ad Isn’t Delivering

This error is a bit vague but often occurs when Facebook detects an issue with your ad content. It could be related to the ad’s text, image, or targeting. Facebook Ads error code 1815762 shows the error message, “Invalid Optimization Sub Event for Objective: The chosen optimization sub event is not supported by this objective (#1815762)”

Here’s how to tackle it:

  • Review Your Ad Content – Check if your ad complies with Facebook’s ad policies. Ensure there are no prohibited content types like misleading claims, excessive text on images, or restricted products.
  • Adjust Your Targeting – It’s possible that your targeting is too narrow, causing your ad to reach too few people. Broaden your audience if needed.
  • Check Your Bid – Your bid may be too low, making it difficult for your ad to compete in the auction. Try increasing your bid slightly.
  • Ad Account Quality – If your ad account has a history of policy violations, it could be causing this error. Make sure your account follows Facebook’s advertising guidelines.

Fixing Facebook Ads Error Code 2061015 – You’ve Exceeded Your Ad Account Spending Limit

This error is pretty straightforward; it means you’ve spent more money than your set spending limit. The following error message will appear: “Required field is missing: the link field is required. Please complete the field to continue. (#2061015)”

Here’s how to resolve it:

  • Adjust Your Spending Limit – Go to your ad account settings and increase your spending limit if needed.
  • Review Active Campaigns – Check if there are any campaigns that are spending more than you intended. Pause or adjust these campaigns to stay within your budget.
  • Check Billing Information – Ensure that your billing information, including your payment method, is up to date.

Addressing Facebook Ads Error Code 1487891 – Your Ad’s Landing Page Is Down

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This error indicates that Facebook couldn’t access your ad’s landing page when it tried to review your ad. You will see the error message, “Invalid Creative For Objective: The ad’s creative is incompatible with the objective of the campaign the ad belongs to. (#1487891)”

Here’s what to do:

  • Check Your Landing Page – Make sure your landing page is up and running. Test it in a web browser to verify its accessibility.
  • Secure Your Website – Ensure that your website uses HTTPS. Facebook may not load pages that lack a secure connection.
  • Content Availability – If your landing page relies on external content (e.g., images or scripts from other domains), make sure those resources are available.
  • Submit for Review Again – After fixing the issue, you may need to resubmit your ad for review on Facebook Ads Manager.

Encountering error codes like 1815762, 2061015, or 1487891 can be frustrating, but they are often manageable with the right troubleshooting steps. Remember to review your ad content, check your spending limits, and ensure your landing pages are working correctly.

By following these simple solutions, you’ll be back on track with your Facebook Ads campaigns in no time. Happy advertising!




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