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YouTube Kids App on Mobile vs YouTube Kids App on TV



It is nothing new to see kids glued on their smartphones. There are thousands of games they can play, not to mention videos they can watch. The primary concern of parents is the kind of contents that their kids are exposed to.

Many videos, games, and images online are not appropriate for children. That is why YouTube has an app that is specially designed for younger viewers. The YouTube Kids app offers a safe online platform for children to watch their favorite shows while filtering out adult and inappropriate content.

What is YouTube Kids App?

Credit: Youtube

YouTube Kids app is similar to the main Youtube app but differs in contents and some added parental features. While the videos may be limited, the app still covers different topics that will be beneficial to the kids.

The app is designed to make sure that kids can also enjoy the online experience more safely. Parents can customize the app based on how they want their children to enjoy the app.

  • History feature – The app has a Watch again page where parents can check the videos that their children have watched. The kids can also go to this page if they want to rewatch the shows.
  • Flagging – Parents have the control to flag contents that they think are inappropriate. Once flagged, the videos will be reviewed. Flagging is available at all times.
  • Limited screen time – Kids can watch videos endlessly if allowed. But, too much screen time is not good for them. The limited screen time allows parents to set a time limit for the kids.
  • Blocking – Parents also have the chance to block a video or even the entire channel if they don’t like them.
  • Up to 8 kid profiles – There are different categories that parents can choose from depending on the age of their kids or the content they can watch. These categories include Approved Content Only, Preschool, Younger, and Older. Parents can set one per kid profile.
Youtube Kids App on Android TV (Credit: YouTube)

Difference Between YouTube Kids App on Mobile and YouTube Kids App on Smart TVs

Now, the YouTube Kids app can be viewed on a bigger screen. You can download the app on your smart TV for your kids to enjoy a better viewing experience.

Youtube Kids App on Tablet / Windows Dispatch

While both apps work the same ways, there are also a bit differences in the features between the mobile app and the TV app. We highlight three of them below.

  1. There is no offline mode in the TV app.
  2. You cannot set a timer when kids watch on smart TV.
  3. There is no voice search on the YouTube Kids app on TV.

Do you have the YouTube Kids app downloaded on both mobile and TV? Which offers a better experience? Let us know in the comments below.




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