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How to Fix Photos Turn Black After Opening on Windows 10/11 PC



Are you having problems with the Microsoft Photos app on your PC? Many Windows computer users encounter a black screen after opening an image on their Photos app. Instead of seeing their pictures, they cannot view anything other than a black out screen. A JPG or PNG image file can have a blank or black background. When trying to preview your pictures, the built-in Photos app image viewer is not displaying correctly.

It may be an old internal issue on your Windows PC operating system. But, seeing such a problem can only be frustrating, especially if you look forward to scanning your latest snaps and photos.

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Why are my Pictures Turning Black on Windows 10 & 11 PC?

One of the reasons why your photo viewer app turns black when you open images is an outdated Microsoft Photos app. You may want to check if there are new updates for the app from Microsoft. Another is a corrupted Photos app. Other factors may contribute to the black background error, but there are also ways to fix them.

Ways to Resolve Windows 10/11 Computer Photos App Black Screen Error

You can try to troubleshoot the black screen error on your Photos app with several solutions below. Try to follow each step one at a time and check if it works on your Windows computer.

Solution #1 – Restart your Windows 10/11 PC

One of the first things you need to do is reboot your Windows PC. Head over to the Power option and select Restart.

Solution #2 – Run a Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

  • Click the Start button.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Update and Security.
  • Choose Troubleshooter.
  • Click Other or Additional Troubleshooter.
  • Look for the Windows Store App.
  • Click Run Troubleshooter.

Solution #3 – Update your Microsoft Photos App

  • Launch Microsoft Store.
  • Look for Microsoft Photos.
  • Check if you can see the Update button.
  • Click the Update button to install available updates.
  • Restart your Windows PC.

Solution #4 – Perform a Reset and Repair on your Photo App

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Choose Apps & Features.
  • Look for the Photos App and click the three-dotted icon next to it.
  • Select Advanced Options.
  • Go to the Reset section.
  • Click Reset.
  • Click Reset again.
  • You can also click the Repair button.

Solution #5 – Install Available Windows Updates on PC

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Choose Update and Security.
  • Select Check for Updates.
  • Wait for Windows to install available updates.
  • Restart your computer.

Solution #6 – Reinstall your Microsoft Photos App

  • Click the Start button.
  • On the Search option, enter Powershell.
  • Right-click on Windows Powershell and select Run as Administrator.
  • Enter the following command: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}.

Did any of the methods above work for you? We love to hear what works! You can tell us in the comment section below.



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