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How to Fix Pinterest Error Code 429 Too Many Requests



Like a regular social network, Pinterest lets members find or share visual content and find new interests.

Pinterest is full of photographs, which can be perplexing at first. It is a visual search engine for recipes, decorating ideas, and fashion inspiration that is heavily centered on a person’s lifestyle, allowing you to share your interests and preferences with others and find others who share them.

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As part of their marketing strategy, businesses and shopping websites can also take advantage of this uptick to sell their goods and services and expand their customer base.

Millions of people use this software and sign in on Pinterest, so the server may occasionally go down. For example, you could obtain an error on Pinterest such as the error 429, which could be incredibly aggravating.

What is Pinterest Error Code 429 Too Many Requests

The number of API requests you can make to Pinterest’s API is limited. Your API token/credentials are reaching their maximum threshold due to how your Flow is presently configured or another way you use your API connection.

API is the tool that lets two software components communicate with one another using a set of definitions and protocols. If your loops are nested, your flow design may be problematic, or the task you’re trying to complete may be beyond the scope of their free API.

The 429 error signals your app has performed too many queries and has reached the rate limit of an API, which is another reason Pinterest might have marked your account for rate limit restrictions.

According to this message, the user has issued too many queries in a short period. Irritatingly, the server is requesting that you cease sending requests. Simply put, you performed too many tasks too rapidly.

What Causes the Pinterest Error Code 429 Too Many Requests Problem


There are several causes for this error, including the following.

  • You repeatedly tried to log in. You got your password wrong consecutively.
  • You liked numerous pins from the same website, which you added and saved.
  • Too fast followed a lot of users because you enjoyed their content.
  • Too many comments in too little time.

However, everyone stands to gain from this mistake. To ensure that Pinterest pins function effectively, it safeguards the platform from spam. Additionally, it alerts for suspicious activity, limits request volume, enhances security, and prevents website crashes.

How to Prevent Getting the Error Code 429 on Pinterest

Fortunately, you can avoid encountering the error code 429 when using Pinterest. Here’s how to prevent it.

  • Avoid performing the same thing repeatedly. Please wait for a couple of minutes before you do it again.
  • Do not rush. Change your actions, and do things alternatingly.
  • If the above is not an option for you, use Pinterest proxies, and you can alter your IP address.

Best Ways to Fix the Pinterest Error Code 429 Too Many Requests Issue

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There are several ways you can do to troubleshoot the error code 429 on Pinterest. Check our these steps on how to resolve this issue.

  • Wait an hour and reduce your activities to receive a couple more requests. Then you can start using Pinterest again.
  • Waiting patiently generally results in the mistake being resolved on its own.
  • Disable plug-ins to prevent them from sending excessive server requests.
  • Speak with your hosting company. The issue could be with the server. Ask them if they have implemented any rate limits or are preventing requests from particular third-party services.

We hope one of these solutions enables you to correct the Pinterest problem and resume enjoying it. Let us know in the comment section below.



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