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Fix Can’t Print Issue, Printer Not Showing up on Google Chrome for PC or Mac Issue



We know running into some technical issues must be frustrating, especially when unfamiliar with the problem. We’re here to guide you and make things easier for you.

Many people experience a printer error when they use Google Chrome browser on their Windows PC or Mac. They see the “Can’t Print” error message or at times, their printer is not showing up.

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Why is my Printer having Issues with Google Chrome? 

There are many reasons why your printer is not showing up in Google Chrome. It can be problems with connection, driver’s update, or google chrome itself. This article includes ways to know the specific situation and how to fix it.

Resolve Can’t Print Issue, Printer Not Showing up on Google Chrome for PC or Mac Issue

In some situations, the problem can be fixed by restarting your printer and computer. But if your problem is not simple as this, you can follow this guide:

Make Sure your Printer is Connected to your PC or Mac

If the printer isn’t properly connected, it may result in your computer or laptop not recognizing or scanning the printer.

If you’re using direct linking to connect to your printer and computer, check the printer and computer’s USB port to see if it’s properly connected.

If you have wireless or WiFi printers, ensure the device and your printer connect to the same WiFi network.

Check your Printer’s Driver

The printer’s driver converts data for the printer to know how to print, so if it’s not properly installed, it can result in corrupted printing or, worse, lead to the computer not recognizing the printers.

Occasionally, you must update your driver to avoid problems such as compatibility, broken codes, errors, and security problems.

Update your Printer Driver on Mac

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  • Click ‘Apple Menu’ > System Preference > Printers & Scanners.
  • Select your printer and remove it.
  • Click the add button, and you will see the menu.
  • Then click the ‘Add Printer/Scanner.
  • Find your printer and click it.
  • If you’re using direct linking on AirPrint, click ‘Pop-up Menu’ and then ‘AirPrint.’
  • If you have downloaded software from Apple, click the Pop-up menu and then the software.
  • If you have a driver’s software update in your MAC, do this: Click the ‘Pop-up Menu’ > Other > Select File > Add.

Update your Printer Driver on Windows PC

  • Locate ‘Control Panel’ then go to Hardware and Sound and Device Manager, and select Printers.
  • When you click the printers, you will see a list of printers your computer scanned. Find your printer, right click and click ‘Update Driver.’
  • After that, you will have to choose between automatically or manually. Choose automatically if you have already downloaded the latest driver. You will manually decide if you want to manually install the driver by downloading the software on the manufacturer’s website before installing.

Clear Print Queue

If your print queue is stuck, it can hinder new jobs from being printed.

  • To find your print queue: Click Windows> Setting > Bluetooth & Devices >  Printers & Scanner > Setting. Select printer> Open Print Queue.
  • To clear the print queue: Go to Printing Setting > Print Queue > Cancel pending jobs.

Check the Printer Settings on Google Chrome

Check if your printer is selected as a default printer.

Setting > Advanced > Printing > Printer.

Again, you will see a list of printers. Select your printer as the default printer, and you’re done.

Use a Different Browser 

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If the problem only arises when using Google Chrome, you just have to use a different browser.

Reinstall Google Chrome Browser

Before reinstalling your Chrome, ensure you have a backup of your essential documents or bookmarks.

If you still need help fixing your printing problems, because none of these solutions work contact your printer manufacturer or a technical professional. We hope that you get to use your printer again.



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