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How to Fix STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR Issue on Google Chrome Browser



Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers on the web known for its features and seamless search experience. But even such a big name isn’t completely flawless

In particular, Chrome users are wondering how they can fix the error code STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR, a case of an ‘aw snap’ problem that usually shows up rather than the webpage they’re trying to open or load. If you ever encounter this glitch, it only means that Chrome is having issues with loading the website. The page may either refuse to open or load slowly.


How to Fix Error Code STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR Loading Issue on Google Chrome Web Browser

Here are some of the things you can do to get past this error code when opening a website on Google Chrome browser with error code STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR:

Load the Page Again

Sometimes, you can easily fix the error by simply reloading the page you want to visit. Click on the Reload icon on the status bar and see if it solves the problem. 

Check your Internet Network Connection 

See to it that the device you’re using to open a page on Google Chrome is connected to a stable and strong mobile data or WiFi connection. Once you’re sure that your connection is all good, try to reload the tab again to verify if the error is gone. 

Clear Chrome Browser Cache Data

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Cache files that have accumulated in your Google Chrome web browser might have stored some information that prevents the page from loading. 

Launch an Incognito window and open the page there. If it loads just fine, make sure you clear your cache and load the page once again in the normal window.

To clear your cookies and cache, click More and choose Settings. Select Privacy and Security and proceed to Clear browsing data.

Choose the option All time besides “Time range.” Choose Cached images and files and Cookies and site data. Uncheck the rest. Click Clear Data and try to reload the tab that shows the error. 

Close Other Apps or Chrome Tabs

Websites might refuse to load if your device has already run out of memory or is running a lot of apps at the same time. 

You can try to free up some memory by closing the rest of the tabs except the one that shows the error message STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR. 

Quit all the apps that might be running in the background and pause any file or app downloads if there are any. Once you’ve freed up some memory, try to reload the tab that shows the error message. 

Restart your Mobile Device or Computer 

Some apps might also prevent pages from loading. Try to restart the device you’re using and then load the same page again after the reboot. 

Update your Chrome Browser to Latest Version

Even your Chrome browser needs an update now and then. If there are available updates, go ahead and download and install them right away. After the update, try to load again the tab that shows the error. 

The STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR on Google Chrome is one of the most common error messages that users often encounter when using the browser. The simple troubleshooting steps above are the possible solutions you can try to get rid of the issue so you can go back to your search and browsing experience without any glitches.



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