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Fix Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Error RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE



Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Browser are two of the most popular browsers used by internet users in different parts of the globe. Both are renowned for their user-friendly interface and plugins.

However, there are always instances when you may face some errors that can put a hamper on your browsing experience on any of these top browsers. One such error is none other than RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE with an Aw snap! error following it right after.


Fixing Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE Issue

Below are some things you can do to fix this browser error:

Check Your Internet Connection

Instead of diving head-on into more advanced troubleshooting steps, the first and most important thing you need to do is to confirm if your internet connection is stable and uninterrupted.

Even the smallest dip in the data packets’ exchange can easily break the connection and stop the tab from loading properly all of a sudden.

So before you panic, double-check your connection. If there is indeed an issue, you can switch to a wired connection from a wireless or the other way around.

Clear Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser Cookies and Cache

Browser cookies and cache can be helpful and a bit of an annoyance at the same time. Once these files accumulate, they may sometimes cause errors such as RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE.

There are instances when cache data and cookies can get damaged, causing conflicts and leading to errors. Clearing them can get rid of all the corrupt data from your browser.

However, just remember that deleting these will mean that you need to log back in again to all of your accounts. Make sure that you back up all your important data to prevent losing them accidentally.

Disable Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions

Image credit: Microsoft

There are instances when extensions can lead to errors if they conflict with each other. To disable extensions, simply go to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge’s Extensions page.

Reload the Browsing Tab on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

Sometimes, the simplest actions can make big differences in solving most errors. This is often exactly the case with the RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE error. More often than not, all you have to do is reload the specific tab in question to solve the issue.

  • Just click on the reload icon located on the left side of the address bar then wait as the tab reloads.
  • The combination of the shortcut keys Ctrl/Cmd + R can also be used for this specific purpose.
  • Confirm if the tab already works just fine together with the expected lines after the reloading is finished.

Reset Your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser 

You can also try to reset your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to the default settings. Again, however, remember that a reset will delete all of your existing settings, browser extensions, browser history, cookies, and cache. So be sure to back up all important data before you proceed.

Another option is to uninstall the browser, re-download it from the official website and install it once again.

Update Your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser

Image credit: Google

A simple update of your browser is one of the most common fixes for the RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE error.

  • Go to the Help menu in the browser and check the About option to know if there is an available update.
  • Simply follow the instructions for installing it if there is indeed an update available. 

Seeing the RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE error on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser can easily ruin your day, especially if you’re searching for something important. The good news is that the steps above can help you eliminate the error in no time.



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